January 13, 2011

How to make pretty bird food?

Pretty bird food is home-made. I made it last week and tomorrow it goes out. I recycled 4 plastic bottles - cut the bottoms. Then I filled it with seeds and poured melted lard.      

If you live in zones 4-6 and in the winter you start feeding birds in your garden, don't stop it. Do it as regular as you can. Birds get used to the food you provide - it becomes an important place in their winter life. If you stop feeding, they wait for your food and sometimes they may die while waiting too long and getting what they need to survive.
Pretty bird food is not only pretty, but also yummie!


Susan in the Pink Hat said...

It begs the question of whether you should put out seed at all or if you should leave seedheads out and plant fruit bearing bushes instead.

Susan Kuchinskas said...

I know. If I'm late refilling my feeder, they just hang around looking at it. I've created generations of birds with learned helplessness.

What kind of birds will like the lard/seed mix? I have goldfinches and sparrows in my yard.

Ewa said...

Susan, good point. This is definately first thing to consider - plan a bird friendly garden with lots of berries for winter. Additional feeding comes second.

Ewa said...

Susan Kuchinskas,
lard/seeds mix is loved my tits http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Tit
they love it.

Inge' said...

Plastic bags not bottles? I don't seem to be able to grasp how the shape will stay after you pour your mixture in there. Maybe I am just too obtuse for this seemingly very easy project.

JGH said...

Right now, when there is a foot of snow on the ground here, I can tell the birds are really getting desperate. I try not to be late refilling the feeders.

I like your recipe. Where do you put these? Do you hang them?

I put a suet/seed mix out and it's very popular with woodpeckers.

Thanks for the tips!

Ewa said...

Inge, right! plastoc bottles not bags of course - you've got a falcon eye! I just corrected my mistake.
I believe with plastic bottles bottoms it is much easier, right?

Ewa said...

JGH, I hang them on the tree close to the bird feeder.

Darla said...

My husband is on top of his game when it comes to filling up the bird feeders. Woodpeckers, Titmouse, Chick-a-dees, Goldfinches and more enjoy the lard bricks around here.

Philippe Rissetto said...

Thank about your visit and comment ;-)

Daniel said...

Thank you for posting this, was just what I was looking for. What else can be used for a mould?

Would it work using at tube and putting string down the centre so I can hang it?