August 31, 2008

Does your kitty like to be washed?

This morning we decided, that it is time to wash Aslan again. We do it not frequently, but few times in a year.
He used to purely hate it at the beginning, but this time - maybe because of the camera presence, he decided to be more dignified and to not give us the chance to laugh at the pictures till the end of year...
There was no doubt that he had to be washed and I was hoping to get more funny pictures, so I am little dissapointed in a way. On the other hand I really admire him to be so patient - hopefully next time he will also behave...


His fur is very very dense. It takes long time to make it wet.


Then shampoo goes on the kitty and he tries to shake it off....


Cute, clean, wet kitty looking for rescue....


"Why the food suppliers have to make me dirty? Now I have to clean myself - sleeping would be so much better."


... and again... while some of us are in beauty parlors... the others have to work...


...while Aslan was taking bath, Atomic brought mouse again...

Atomic, your time comes next and soon!

What about your cats? Do they like to be washed?


teresa g. said...

I never tried! She lives outside, and the vet said it is not necessary. But I think she would hate it!

Maybe they don't like how they look when wet ;)

(I don't know if you check old comments, I left a few, around, in posts I still hadn't seen.)

Curmudgeon said...

I came by to visit your GBMD post--which is beautiful--but had to stop and laugh at this post. Our 3 cats detest being washed! It takes 2 people to hold the cat and a 3rd to pour water, shampoo, etc. It is quite a production. Thank goodness we do not do it very often!

Cindy Garber Iverson said...

What a cute wet kitty! I've got kitties that like to get in the shower voluntarily when I turn it on to shower so we don't need to bathe our kitties.


gintoino said...

Poor litle thing! I never bathed any of my cats, but I'm sure it wouldn't be an easy task. They live mostly outside and are such clean creatures, I don't think there is the need to have them (me) going trough such a bad experience ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm really impressed, Atomic is very well behaved.

We had a cat a few years ago that needed to be bathed sometimes. It was always a very stressful experience for all of us!

I can't imagine the two cats we have now would like it very much, but so far it hasn't been necessary. Sometimes we rub them a little bit with wet hands, and they like it when we do that.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a cat but this reminds me of the famous YouTube video: Winston Gets a Bath. I find the idea of giving a cat a bath very odd but your cat doesn't seem to mind.

Nola said...

Poor Aslan! My kitties would revolt, probably shred my underwear if I tried to bathe them!

Ewa said...

jardineira aprendiz,
our cats live very close to us - they often sleep on us :) not at night, co it would be too disturbing :)
there always comes time, when they become so dirty and smell bad.. they have to take a bath :)

This is sometimes stressful, because it is not always peaceful process :)
what can I say - sometimes also they fell freewillingly to the garden pond while hunting for something flying or fish :) that is always funny experience :)

yes, I have red before, that there are kitties, that like to take bath :) have you posted pictures?
it would be very interesting to see :)

oohh.. they seem to be clean when they live outside, or not too close, sometimes they get very dirty :)

we were also impressed - it went very smooth this time, like he was aware, that it is about international career... :)

Thank you for the link.

revolution was first reaction :)

Piondröm said...

Hi Ewa!
I cant imagine how we can take one of our four cats to a BATHS??
What a cam cat you must have.
But catching is a outher business.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! I give my kitty one bath a year as it gets hot outside and he sheds his winter coat. He hates the process, but oh how he loves how he looks and feels afterwards! A total prince modeling his new fur. You've made me realize I need to get pics of him for my own memories of his annual bath. Thanks for the chuckles,

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ewa! I just spotted the kitty wash post! I do now wash both the kitties. I just started this year. One is just getting older, and she has long luxurious fur and she just needs a bit of help. And Sweet Pea, the Siamese, just seems so much healthier and lush after a little bath. She meows when I do it, but then I carry her to the sun and she licks herself dry, purring the whole time! It's fun!

chuck b. said...

We don't bathe our cats, but one of them loooves water. She gets in the kitchen sink and meows for me to turn on the faucet so she can play with the drops.

She gets in the shower sometime too.