January 4, 2008

Looking for inspiration

pict. Mads Mogensen, Elle Decoration'06

January is great month for planning the changes in the garden. I don't know how you feel, but I feel little bored with my garden. Changes have to come...

I browse old magazines in search for colours, foliage, compositions that strike me.

And look what happens. You get caught by things you know and love: hydrangea Annabella {one of my favs} close to something that maybe would look also nice in my garden - it was described as kitchen-veranda. Isn't it lovely idea?
Inside it looks like this...

pict. Mad Mogensen, Elle decoration'06

My brain immediately started to think (brain stretching started - as Garden Wise Guy said, ha ha) - if I build a veranda, can I move kitchen there?

Moving kitchen means whacking walls - aaaa!!!! total distruction!!

I don't know...

pict. Christian Sarramon, Elle Decor'98
Or here... I got stuck on this picture for unknown - at the beginning - reasons.
After analysing it what I see? Succulents in the pots {one of my favs} and wood painted in beautiful blue shade - as you know I am planning to paint my garden furniture... additionally I love gravel... and deep in my brain is hidden a plan to make such corner.

Before taking magazines to my hand, I didn't plan 'now lets look for veranda/porch/terrace ideas and what color to choose for garden furniture' - all this is hidden in the brain and ready to jump out when the proper time comes.

As D. Lessing wrote: we progress by eating other people, books, magazines, events, paintings etc. {that is not exact quotation, but meaning more or less - rather more - is there}.

Others say 'crap in crap out' - means more or less same :)

I know about it since long time - but lately I little forgot to feed my soul and spirit better.
One of the things to take care of better in coming year :)


Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

That kitchen-veranda looks great, no wonder you liked it so much. Perhaps you could build the veranda with a second, small kitchen in it for more or less outdoor cooking? Just a thought!

Taking better care of the soul and spirit is always a good idea!

Have a lovely weekend Ewa with lots of inspiration for your garden.

Barbara said...

I love this sitting place as well as the entrance with the huge hydrangeas. When you want to build a veranda, I guess your garden will become smaller ;-) !! You suddenly see what a veranda is good for....for a lot of things I tell you (friend of ours have one!). So continue to plan and dream and suddenly you'll be sure what you're really wanting and what is realistic to realize. Besides it is so cosy and inspiring now in the evenings to take old garden and homemagazines and read them again.....
Enjoy your weekend, Ewa!

Ewa said...

Yolanda Elizabet,
Soul&spirit its a good name for something, isn't it?
Outdoor cooking is great idea:)

I am in the need of building something :) our house is not finished. In the place where should be terrace is niente, nothing, null. Thanks to that I can dream now what I could have there one day in the future.
It would be either veranda or terrace - without it, planning of the garden can not be complete :)

Unknown said...

This is the perfect time for garden inspirations and for thinking of new projects, Ewa...I can see how it will be hard to decide on a terrace or a veranda, but a happy conundrum to have.

FO - 2 said...

There are always room for changes and new inspiration.
Moving forward.
Have a nice weekend Ewa. :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I like all of the pictures Ewa. I can see why you are now confused as to what to do. All are good inspiration.

queenie said...

I like gravel, too. . . . and the look of weathered, painted wood. Or weathered, greening terra cotta. Nothing too new. It must be worn; enjoyed. Somehow the hours of having sat there on a chair at a table rubs off on a place.