March 29, 2010

Malvern Spring Gardening Show 2010 (UK) will host International Garden Bloggers’ Convention

If you are a garden blogger – like I am – what can be more exciting than meeting in real life people you know only from their blogs and shining love for Nature and gardens? When I started blogging about gardens, I never thought it will bring real people to my life.

This year in May thanks to VP and Patient Gardener who organize the event, and also Yolanda, who was the happy messenger, I am going to meet YOU FOLK in Malvern (UK)! Wow! I think I still can’t believe it.

I have been to UK many times, but only in London and only for business trips. So this will be the first time I will visit different part of UK which is Birmingham and Malvern.

When I learned about Malvern Spring Gardening Show – the great gardening show and exhibitions, I got even more excited. The amount of inspiration this event brings is enough for entire season, as they write on “The Malvern Spring Gardening Show offers innovative, inspirational and creative ideas. From stunning show gardens to a spectacular Floral Marquee, the event is full of exciting features to help you indulge your passion for all things green.

It has the fame of “friendliest gardening show of the year” as Royal National Rose Society says.
This year is even more special - no wonder - 25th anniversary is a good reason to celebrate. What else we will see? Show Gardens, RHS Floral Marquee with displays from over 100 nurseries PLUS People's Choice Award, stylish 'Circus' themed gardens from the Chris Beardshaw Mentoring Scholarship and garden designs from the candidates with the winning scholar being chosen at the show.

At the Floral Marquee over 100 nurseries will be exhibiting, including Bob Brown's Cotswold Garden Flowers nursery – if have a chance to read Gardens Illustrated – he is the guy behind monthly plant selection column this year. BTW he will not be exhibiting at Chelsea.

So, if you decide to join us and go to the Malvern Show – hop over to Meet at Malvern blog where you read more details and catch up with others who are going.

The Malvern Show takes 4 days 6-9th of May 2010. For garden bloggers there will be special place ready, where we can blog live and let you know our first impressions.

If you decide to go, please let me know by leaving a message here, so we can meet. I take short holiday to get some rest and will stay at Malvern from 6th to 9th.

A big thanks goes to VP and Patient Gardener for caring to put things together!


Anna said...

Looking forward to meeting you at Malvern Ewa :)

stadtgarten said...

Dear Ewa, I have already had the chance to meet some of my blogging friends from far away in real life and I enjoyed it very very much. It is something special: you meet someone you have never seen before and from the first minute you have the feeling that you know this person for a long long time!
I can understand that you are very excited and I am sure you will have a wonderful time there.

Christine B. said...

I have been following the Malvern meetup from afar. I really wish I could make it and meet all the fantastic bloggers that will be there but I'll just have to wait and hear about it from you. Hope the sun shines for the big event!

Christine in Alaska

Helen/patientgardener said...

Hi Ewa
Glad you are joining us and looking forward to meeting you at Malvern.


M@M aka VP ;) said...

Fantastic post Ewa, thank you :)

Will email you shortly re the days you want to be at the show and accommodation