April 18, 2010

15 ideas of DIY pea trellis

How to build trellises for peas - do you also have such question? I will be constructing pea trellis this week from materials having at hand. I searched for inspiration and this is the collection of ideas to share. Click the picture to enlarge if you want to have closer look at mounting details. If you want to see more pictures of chosen idea click the name of the author which you find under every photo. Enjoy!

Picture by greengardenvienna

Picture by greengardenvienna

Picture by meganpru

Picture by sleepyneko

Picture by ksuyin

Picture by pdbreen

Picture by Dharmuti

Picture by Kratzy

Picture by unertlkm

Picture by Elle-Epp

This idea of growin peas in hanging basket is very interesting - I admit. I will try it apart from main veggie bed, where my Capucijner heirloom peas will grow.

Picture by mberry

Picture by FAF

Picture by UrbanCombing

Picture by VeritiCridland

Picture by navvywavvy

I wonder which idea you adapt for your garden?
If you have an idea that was not featured in the post - share it!

Pisum sativum

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Happy Gardening!



chaiselongue said...

I hadn't realised there were so many ways of supporting peas! I use plastic netting which lasts from year to year, or small branches stuck into the ground along the row.

Re your question on my blog about the Banyuls vines - the grape variety used for this wine is Grenache which is a small bush variety, very hardy and does not need any supports, unlike other varieties.

karen said...

gorgeous ideas! love the wood vine arches. peas are so fresh - the perfect veggie to integrate in any garden. thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas ...

Unknown said...

I don't grow peas any more (don't grow any veg except tomatoes and a few herbs) but I LOVE some of these trellises. I especially like the ones made of natural twigs (willow, perhaps) and bent into arches. There are infinite ideas, mostly only contained by time, space and money, of course.

Babara said...

I didn't grow peas up to now but I do sweet peas every year (except this Spring where everything was a bit different). And your ideas for different trellies are suitable for sweet peas too :-) ! Thank you for all the pictures you searched for and showed.

trellis said...

Those are some amazing home build trellises.

Heidi said...

Great ideas. I'll note that with 'everyone' getting into the home produce gardens now -- structure makes it beautiful. That's why I really love the pergola archway that has a trellis going up the side. Beautiful!

simon davis said...

We use good old hazel sticks both for our sweet and veg peas here in north Hampshire UK, Loved the ideas though. May use some myself.

home design ideas said...

okey. i like that pictures.. thanks for the inspiration.. i like the number 4