May 31, 2010

Terrestial orchid on my way

Terrestial orchid growing in wild meadow... this is the last thing I've expected while going to more real countryside house than my own and only 30 km (18 miles) away. Last weekend I've spend at friend's house that is only 30 minutes away and see what I found growing in the backyard meadow...

This is Dactylorhiza - terrestial orchid, perennial that belongs to the orchid family, under protection. Finding it growing in the backyard's wet meadow was so surprising. They grow up to 30 cm (12 in). I am not sure, but it seems to be Dactylorhiza maculata - have to turn back and take a closer look.

Have a closer look at the house. Can you see what I see? This house in fact is two houses joint together with and an open space. First house is on the left side, second on the right side. 2 old wooden houses brought from eastern part of Poland - they were disassambled there and constructed together bit by bit again.  

This is the left side house - yes, it used to be one/full house. While on the right side you can see the part that joints both houses together.
Virginia creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia) covers partially the house from the western side.

Safe wood reserve for colder days...

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Gail said...

Ewa, The orchid is beautiful~and makes me think of the one we saw at Stockton Bury~(I think of the UK trip often.) Love the house~is the interior as delightful as the exterior! xxoogail