June 1, 2010

14 ideas for bean poles - Inspirational Monday

This is what usually happens, when you do something for the first time - collect ideas 'how to'. I am growing beans for the first time and deciding how to support it is not easy. Bean poles or bean pole trellis - is there any special way to do it? First inspiration came from Patrick and also I searched through different sources. You may see my choice of the ideas I found - how support beans if you want to grow fresh beans in your garden. Maybe you can use it in your garden also.   

If you would like to improve your garden to a beautiful paradise, let me help you to design it. We can work online. Contact me at ewamariasz [at] gmail [dot] com.

Happy Gardening!



Anonymous said...

It looks like any of the methods would work equally well, though I've always gone the stake-and-string way, just because it was easiest at the time. Good luck with your beans -- they're simply delicious!

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

I think I like the rustic looking ones best, perhaps because they would fit best into my garden. I love growing beans but always end up with too many runner beans! I still have some in my freezer from last year and this years are zooming up the poles.

Gail said...

Really excellent ideas Ewa. I used branches from trees I thinned, but then I am growing them in a woven laundry basket! gail

Ewa said...

Nancy - I cross my fingers :) I grow 4 varieties of beans to see which one will prefer my garden.

elizabethm - this is exactly what is difficult in planning a small vegetable garden to plan the diversity of different veggies, so to be able to change the menu in the season :)

Gail - woven laundry basket? i need to see that. How about the allotment book? any good?

Kate said...

Ewa this is all so lovely!

Kate said...

Ewa this is so lovely!