June 26, 2010

Land related career website

Do you know that there is a place in the web specializing in finding environment, land and garden related jobs? Recently somebody read my post about changing a career and how to become a garden coach and brought to my attention a website that is specializing in head hunting in environmental jobs.

Beside job offers, it’s possible to find there a comprehensive list of all the land-based colleges and the courses they run.

If you want to find a job in land related area – how you do it? Classified ads in newspaper or regular head hunting agencies? Until today I used to think that regular head hunters are covering most of the branches, but I couldn’t see any garden related jobs among the ads. When I saw Land Force first, I got very excited, because this makes things so much easier. OK, it is covering UK only – I think - but maybe you are interested in moving to the country of thousands of beautiful landscapes? I looked up today and as example there is a maintenance gardener searched by the Stowe Farm in Buckinghamshire.

This website covers many sectors: horticulture, landscaping, gardening, arboriculture, fencing, farm working, agriculture jobs, animal care, conservation, equine jobs, aquaculture jobs and forestry.

I checked the environmental conservation section, which covers recycling household waste, habitat management, protection of rural and urban landscapes, plants and animals, countryside recreation, community recycling, planning and parks, pollution, roads, areas of outstanding national beauty and global warming. Environmental conservation has gained in popularity, so it is more difficult to find the job. This is why there is a lot of volunteers in this sector who wants to gain at least some experience before full-time employment. The data says, there is in UK 6,000 organisations employing 56,000 and an estimated 200,000 volunteers.

If you search for a job, you may upload your CV, browse current vacancies, receive e-alerts to your e-mail, bookmark your favorite jobs,

It seems to be the young website, but let’s cross our fingers for it.

Images: British Organic Farmer - Derbyshire, England, Gardens in Bath, England

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