January 27, 2011

22 Pictures of English Vegetable Garden

Touring other gardens inspires me doing new things in our own garden. As the spring is just around the corner, I’ve decided to share with you some pictures taken in UK last spring.
Those were taken at Hampton Court.
Pay attention to space planning, combination of fruit trees and vegetable raised beds, creative and inexpensive labeling and pea support.
There is one amazing thing, that I’d like you to have closer look. This is a clipped low hedge. It's made of lavender! Absolutely beautiful idea on how to combine beauty and utility. Lavender is evergreen and if clipped properly looks beautiful all year round.
This 22 vegetable garden pictures is the careful hand selection of big batch of photographs I have taken during that tour.
What I also like is that they are taken before vegetables are grown - it gives the chance to feel the bone structure of this garden.
So, pay attention to how structurally planning is done. Look at the beauty of details and how beautifully the thick wood of raised beds is aging.
If you are planning spruce up your garden this spring I believe this vegetable garden pictures will help you to get some new ideas.

Look at these lavender hedges - borders look neat and there is enough space to grow herbs and vegetables. As I remember all vegetables in this garden are grown organic.
Pots with tulips add rythm to the landscape.

Mulched space around the beds. In our gardens plan more narrow paths unless you expect crowds of visitors :) 

See the beauty of old wood?

Apple tree trained.

Cute ideas for supporting plants - use twiggs from your own garden.

Pea trellises made of recycled twiggs which you can also find in your garden..

This small supporting constructions are made for Asperula odorata - perennial which dried foliage is fragrant and has been used to flavor wines.

Different example on how to label your plants.

Another home-made label idea.

Symmetry in planting adds visual beauty.

Guess what is grown here in these baskets? Potatoes.

And the last idea is small bags which suite as herb pots.

I hope this selection of vegetable garden pictures give you some inspiration.

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Happy Gardening!



Helen/patientgardener said...

Now why does that look familiar?
Happy memories

Ewa said...

Oh Helen, with this too much brown color outside, I miss spring :) Happy memories, true :)

Darla said...

What a beautiful and tidy garden. So much interest. That lavender edging is so clever. Is that lupine seedlings in the 12th photo?

Jørn Møller Jensen said...

Hej Ewa
Hvor ser det dejligt ud, fine fotos,der spænder forventningerne til foråret. Den engelske køkkenhave har rige traditioner, der inspirerer rundt i haveverdenen.
Venlig hilsen

Ewa said...

Darla, I think it was Asperula odorata - if you check the foliage of the plants in web browser, it looks similar.

Ewa said...

Welcome Jørn!

Lone said...

wauuuw ...Very nice blog.
I am your new follower.
Kh Lone - Denmark

Amy said...

Loved it! Thank you for sharing that beautiful garden. This post provides a lot of inspiration.
I really like the twig supports and the potato baskets...pretty amazing.
You have a great blog.

Jim/ArtofGardening said...

Beautiful garden! Love a good potager. And even nicer to see some green this time of year.

Ewa said...

Lone welcome!

Ewa said...

Amy, thank you :)

Ewa said...

Jim, hope to meet you in London during Chelsea :)

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Hey! Ho, who, whaaa hang on a minute, I know this garden!!!! Wasn't it one of the most fab gardens ever? Happy memories indeed.

Yolanda xx

Unknown said...

Lovely photos - I rather like those basketwork 'tub' planters.

Eliza @ Appalachian Feet said...

Wow! I'm in the process of designing new garden bed shapes and the first photo is a larger version of what I have in mind. These are so inspirational, thanks!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Wow thank you for the tour. Lots of good ideas.

Wing Nut said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful garden. Yes, there are many inspiring things in this collection. Now, we just need a larger garden! ;-) I like the recycled structures made of twigs; nothing goes to waste and is instead reused. Brilliant!

Dave@TheHomeGarden said...

Very nice! I really like the pathways how they are nice and wide. The gravel pathway lined with the different sized stones really has some character.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

love it.... give me ideas.. thanks.

Vasi Dubreu said...

I'll say Hi!
For a half hour visit your blog and I can not stop.
You have a lot of ideas, pictures, advice. It's a great joy that I discovered.
A read you daily.
I embrace you!

stadtgarten said...

Dear Ewa, your post is really full of ideas and inspiration! I especially love the idea of growing potatoes in those baskets!
Thanks a lot for sharing, Monika

Pat said...

Lavender hedges ..that I never heard of...pretty.
Love all the raised beds,it has to be the cleanest way to do herb beds.

Anonymous said...

Gleaning so much inspiration from your blog! I found you via Parisienne Farmgirl. So excited to begin my kitchen garden this year! :)

Ewa said...

Thanks for hugging!
I am so happy you find inspirations :)

Ewa said...

Mrs B - I find potagers magical - divine gift - nutritious and spiritual.
Good luck!

Rob the Gardener said...

What a set of amazing pictures. Thanks so much. These home made labels are very creative btw :)

Jess said...

I love this twig idea... it makes such a difference. I really dislike the look of the supports myself and currently have green painted wire, but you can still see it.

I bet I could get this stuff at the craft store.

Anonymous said...

These are outstanding! Will have to try a few of these ideas. I especially like the trellises and plant protectors made out of twigs!
Thanks for putting this together!

(didn't let me comment from my blog www.enchantedhue.com)