December 17, 2011

A Subversive Plot: How to Grow a Revolution in Your Own Backyard

Being as much self-sufficient as possible is best for all of us. Roger Doiron from Kitchen Garden International  gave an excellent speach at TED recently, where he brings closer why do we need to have kitchen gardens...

Watch this video:


Little Miss Greenfingers said...

What a great video! He really gets the message across and if we all start gardening in our backyards it will really turn into a revolution.
And once you grow your own veg you know what you have been missing all along...all that flavor, the freshness and the health benefits you get from your homegrown stuff.
Lets go gardening!

Anonymous said...

I love your quote, (above) if you have a garden and a library, well i have a big garden and piles of books so i have everything i need. TED brings out some good stuff! Hi i am cecilia, just dropping by! c

Anonymous said...

YEs, I have a garden and a library, and also many blogs which write about gardening, like yours.
what else anyone can want?
Lovely blog, I will read it in detail as nad when I have time.


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