September 16, 2012

Drying Tomatoes Today

I appreciate what brings autumn, drying tomatoes today at last moment.
If you have not yet dried tomatoes at home, it might convince you what my kid recently said while eating home dried tomatoes "Have you soaked them in something for a better taste? Is this special variety of tomatoes? "
Not soaked. And tomatoes are not special.
Dried tomatoes are an essential ingredient in my kitchen. Few years ago, I discovered that home dried are a whole lot tastier. Since then I dry tomatoes  every year, but usually they dont last long. So tasty.
Until now, I was drying tomatoes in the oven and I was happy even though it was hard to guess if the temperature was right. It cannot be too high, because then the tomatoes lose some nutritional value, nor too low, because then drying takes forever.
Drying in the sun appeals to me very much for ideological reasons - the use of renewable free energy. But we had so few sunny days on the weekends, and as  I'm a working class, in the week I do not have time for this.
This year I have finally decided to buy a food dryer. It is called dryer for mushrooms and fruit - ha ha ha.

I am pretty happy with it and I keep wondering how you're drying vegs and fruits?


Kathryn/ said...

This year I did not dry tomatoes, as this year I did not grow many at all. :) Nothing extra, that's for sure. But I do have a professional dryer and I have used it for years, always happily. It's rather large and heavy and has multiple big shelves. Yours looks far easier! Enjoy!

click here said...

Good idea. I wanna try this too.

Strawberry Lane said...

So happy to be back after 3 years out of cybespace. I checked in on you and saw the delicious photos of dried tomatoes. Now, after I learn to grow such beautiful tomatoes, I just might try that.

Noelle said...

So cool! I love tomatoes. Just really cool!

garage equipment said...

Drying fruits and vegetables is another way to preserve this. Tomatoes is one of the most used ingredients that we need to have stock on our kitchen.

Gabyhandyman said...

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Erica said...

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Millie said...

I haven't done this for years Ewa, seeing yours reminds me I should resume pronto. Would love to get a food hydrator particularly when I see a box of mangoes during Summer here for $12.00!
Millie xx

christine said...

Fall is one of my favorite seasons as there is some much fun to do with garden vegetables getting them really for the winter.
Your dried tomatoes look yummy !!! Thanks for sharing

Dan "Dirty Hands" Jensen said...

Was wondering which food dryer you used?

We can or freeze all our tomatoes. But i'm keen to try dried "sungolds" my favorite cherry tom.

Loving the site