November 11, 2014

Chemtrails in Algarve, Portugal

- Come out, I show you something - the Doctor said. It was calm and sunny morning in the Algarvian countryside, 7 km from The Atlantic Ocean and 24 km from Faro (Portugal). The Doctor is living and practicing in Algarve for many years already.

- Look in the sky and don’t think these are the regular trails left by the planes. They started it again, because the vacation season has ended and the tourists left. They don’t do it in the summer, there is too many people from different countries, some may be aware what’s going on...

Do not think ‘it doesn’t concern me’, because after you start to watch your sky and realize the difference, it may concern you as much as I am concerned about the chemical trails (chemtrails) spotted first in Portugal at the beginning of September 2014. Until that day I was not aware about the issue. It was being addressed even at the United Nations gathering. You may watch it here:

Do not mistake chemical trails (chemtrails) with regular condensation trails left by planes that you may see on your sky. This is what majority of people usually think, that all white trails on the sky are ‘normal’ trails left by the planes, as we are used to them. If you start to watch sky over your head, you will recognize the difference.

How to tell the difference between chemtrails and regular trails?

1. Chemtrails stay much longer in the sky. 

Regular, let say ‘normal’ condensation trails  usually disappear in few minutes. Chemical trails are staying in the sky for 16-20 hours and they don’t disappear, they slowly disperse in the sky looking similar to clouds after few hours. See on the photo how they look. On the right side you see newly made chemtrails, the rest that resembles the regular, normal clouds are the chemtrails dispersed in the air, after few hours.

2. Chemtrails are getting broader with the time

Because they disperse and don’t disappear. If you see on your sky broad white line that keeps staying for hours, start to watch your sky. This is what I did and realized that with the time that definitely they look different. You will realize it too. On the photo below you see different stages of chemtrails, from the oldest ones (under the metal wires) via those made 1-2 hors before, to the ones made 20 minutes before. 

It needs to be brought to the public attention in Portugal that their country is being sprayed.
Spraying is made for weather modification purposes. Maybe it wouldn’t be something to worry about if they wouldn’t spray using different dangerous chemical elements which are affecting our health.
The Doctor who brought this subject to my attention said that there is a correlation between the spraying and the number of patients coming to him with health issues.

The word “chemtrails”  comes from chemical trail, which means that there are chemical elements in the sprays they make.

You may ask who are “they” I am referring to. These are private companies, government agencies.
If photos are not convincing enough, watch the film from UN gathering where the issue was addressed.

Further recommended reading Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth


Steven B. said...

Many people here in the United States are becoming very sick because of all the heavy metals contained in the chemtrails. My wife and detox our bodies everyday of chemicals because if we didn't our bodies would serve as an antenna for the new 5g radiation that's being rolled heavy here!!

If you have an option for me to upload pictures of what's going on here in Virginia near DC you and all your readers would be shocked!!

Ewa said...

Hey Steven, thank you for your comment. You could send me some photos with some descritption by email - you can find it in contact section, I will post it.