May 19, 2013

18 Best Garden Recycling Ideas - Hand Picked

It is never too much of garden recycling ideas, so I have prepared selection of great ideas and would like to share it with you. I hope you also like it.
Under each photo there is a link to more photos, if you like to see or learn more. 

 Photo by Treasure Again

Photo by  Gardening in a Minute

 Photo by Diane Cordell

 Hanging pallet, photo by pinprick

 Photo by Gardening in a Minute

 Photo by Karen Blakeman

 Recycled birdbath, photo by Salihan

 Photo by Gardening in a Minute

 Photo by Happy Sleep

 Photo by See-ming Lee

 Photo by Scrappy Annie

 Photo by Scrappy Annie

 Photo by Tiexano

 Photo by Ewa Szulc

 Photo by Ewa Szulc

 Photo by Ewa Szulc

 Photo by Ewa Szulc


Alex said...

Great and amazing ideas! I loved it, the way day to day items and utensils can be so beautifully utilized to give our garden a new and trendy look.

Ariel Perks said...

Wow! I love this gardening concept. I never imagined how beautiful it would turn out utilizing common materials in the house. It just needs passion and creativity. That's all! :-D

Jeremy Beauregard said...

Thank you for sharing these ideas, Ewa! Not only are they great ways to recycle and save money, but I also think that they provide a quirky touch to any garden landscape. My favorite has to be the water feature in the third picture. I think catching water from the roof's drain into the three basins is ingenious.

Ewa said...

Jeremy, you pointed very important thing - unique/quirky touch that our creativity adds to any garden. I believe it's very imortant and beautiful!