May 22, 2013

Cute Green Living Walls Idea - Creative Clematis Planting

I was taken by surprise on a sunny Thursday morning. After lifted my eyes little bit up, I saw blue ocean of clematis flowers covering a wall. Great idea to mix Parthenocissus (Virginia creeper) with clematis!That's one of a kind creative clematis planting!
Clematis of unknown name feels great with this company. Apparently.

I feel truly inspired and definitely will plant clematis on my walls that are already covered with Virginia creeper, which gives green entire summer and red in the autumn - see its autumn color on one of the photos here.

Do you know maybe what kind of clematis is this?


Yamilka Gomez said...

Absolutely gorgeous! What a nice surprise to encounter such beauty!

LW said...

Gorgeous. Clematis Lord Herschell maybe, or possibly Harlow Carr?

David said...

Hi Ewa, do you have any suggestions for flowering climbers or clematis for a west facing wall? I have a wall of ivy and virginia creeper but it lacks some colour

Ewa said...

David, this is the west facing wall, so I think search for proper clematis variety that grows high enough - I think it would look great.

Lonnie Thaler said...

Hi Ewa,

I love the photos in this post. Is this the Clematis Montana or purple Clematis? Anyway, this is a great idea. I would like to make my wall looks colorful.

Creative Gardening said...

Awesome, Really great(High Quality) Pics.