April 17, 2014

22 most Awesome Wisteria Tunnel Photos

Wisteria – you name it, I love it. From the very beginning wanted to have it in my own garden. Is there any obstacle to plant something if you really want? No… so I planted one. Unfortunately wrong specie and obviously in wrong place. At the beginning of our garden venture, mistake is our daily experience, right?

After 4 years at the end of every summer my wisteria was reaching the roof of my 2 floor house. It’s scary vivacious shoots were tightly embracing the roof-gutter ready to squeeze in coming years. Remembering the stories of monstrous wisterias being able to lift the roofs, I was nervously cutting it back every summer. Cutting, cutting, cutting – it is main maintenance wisteria needs.

After thinking again, I removed it and replaced with fruit bearing Chaenomeles shrubs (best for home made liquers – want recipe?).

But still this is always so much pleasure to look at beautifully planned and maintained wisteria garden. Enjoy the photos I have hand picked for you. This is not the first time I am presenting wisteria photos. You may see it also by clicking here.

Photo by Kobaken
Photo by Kiuko
Photo by Binary CSE
Photo by Jeeheon
Photo by nophoto.nolife
Photo by Takashi
Photo by Takashi
Photo by Yasunari
Photo by Nubobo
Photo by Takashi
Photo by Bong Grit
Photo by Kobaken
Photo by Bong Grit

Photo by Stijn
Photo by Yasunari
Photo above and below by Putneypic

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Retro blue said...

Wspaniale zdjecia!

Mark and Gaz said...

All of them, spectacular!

Bushman said...

Beautiful. Looks like I'm shopping for Wisteria now! Currently working on covering the entire western side of my house in Trumpet Vine. Call me crazy!

Mike the Gardener said...

Wow! Those are incredible!