May 8, 2014

Is this the last frost this year?

Is this the last frost this year? I ask myself this question from the moment I saw this morning my neighbor white roof – clear indication there is a frost. I don’t need to look at the thermometer. One glance at the neighbor roof and it’s all clear. Especially since the time he fell down the cherry tree that was beautifully screening both houses, I can see very clearly his roof, himself, and his wife, and their kids smoking on the balcony. Always when I think that days of heavy smokers are gone, my dear neighbors make me remember tobacco companies are still making money.

What about you? 1/ Do you smoke? 2/ What is your way to understand the frost outside?

This year Nature plays it differently. Plants are growing and blooming faster and temperatures in Poland since January are higher than usually. I expect last frost days every year around 20st of May.

Sometimes they were down to -8C/17,6F this one was just below 0C/32F . Should I expect more in the coming days?

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Bushman said...

I was just checking the forecast this morning as my vegetable starts are outgrowing the indoor greenhouse. I will be planting next weekend but covering at night with my mini-hoop houses. I live at the bottom of a large hill next to a small river. It makes for a substantial micro climate so the weather forecast is exactly right. I have to go by past experience mostly!
I used to smoke...a lot! Now it is an occasional cigar during the summer months.

Ewa said...

Good that you dropped it. Why cigar at summer months? Does it differ from winter?

Bushman said...

Because I can go outside and smoke the cigar! LOL Too cold in the winter!