October 22, 2014

3 Orchids that Look Like an Animal

Orchids produce some of the most beautiful and unique flowers in the world.  Recently, they have become one of the most common house plants you can buy and are available everywhere.  What most people don’t realize is just how many different Orchid species there are and how amazing they can be.

With over 20,000 Orchid species recognized today, you can’t even imagine some of the flowers they produce.  They can be small, medium, large, and in any colors but black and blue.  Some look like Tulips, while others look like Donkeys and Monkeys.  Orchids have adapted to become some of the most fascinating plants in the world.

Many Orchids have success in attracting insects to pollinate them by mimicking the other sex.  Fly Orchids, for example, produce flowers that look and smell like female flies.  This attracts the male flies to attempt to reproduce, spreading the pollen in the process.  They then move to the next flower and bring pollen that with them.

Donkey Orchids

These Orchids produces funny looking flowers that many people believe look like a donkey.  That’s how the Diuris Orchid got the nickname “Donkey Orchid”.  Growing mostly in Australia and Tasmania, this flower needs warm temperatures during the growing season.  During the winter, they go dormant and shrivel up to protect themselves from the cold.

The large Donkey-looking flowers grow on stems up to 3 feet high and typically stay together in clumps.  The 2 large lateral petals that create the look of donkey ears, are what attract bees to come pollinate the flower.  They flower between July and November, and the seeds mature in a matter of weeks after pollination. 

Monkey Face Orchids

The Dracula Simia Orchid has earned the nicknames “Monkey Orchid” and “Monkey Face Orchid” for obvious reasons.  The flowers they produce look just like the face of a Monkey.  These flowers grow in the mountains of Ecuador and are accustomed to cooler temperatures and high humidity.  The flowers are also said to be scented like ripe oranges to attract monkeys. 

These Orchids produce a large number of stems from the base of the plant.  Each stem produces one amazing flower.  These flowers can bloom at any time of the year which could lead to flowers throughout the entire year under perfect conditions.  These are one of the most unique Orchids that you will find.

Flying Duck Orchids

These are one of my personal favorite Orchids in the world.  The flowers they produce look just like a duck flying through the air.  These Orchids grow in Australia in warm climates that provide moist conditions.  You will find them in coastal and swampy areas, sometimes even at higher altitudes.
The flying duck flowers are very small and not noticeable in the wild unless you know what you are looking for.  The unique shape attracts insects, mainly sawflies, to come investigate and pollinate the flower.  The flowers grow on tall green stems, reaching 20 inches from the ground.

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