June 3, 2015

Starting new vegetable garden in Algarve - Day 1

I am staying for 6 weeks here in Algarve in friend's house, so I decided to establish experimental vegetable garden.
The space is not too big, just 23 m2 - which is enough for 2-3 people.
Look at the photo, this poor soil which looks like sand, but is hard as rock. It needs to get softened with organic matter to feed the veggies.

I have ordered 400 liters of  manure and it will be dug into the soil. Actually double amount is needed, but let's see what will happen. We will be improving the soil with time, season after season bringing it back to the proper culture. 

The irrigation system is already there - 11 lines, means 11 lines to grow. You can't grow vegetables here in the Algarve without it, because of  strong sun and high temperatures.   
I would prefer freestyle sowing, as this saves space, but if you don't have what you like, you like what you have - right?

I will plant following veggies and herbs:
- different kinds of tomatoes,
- peppers,
- dill,
- cucumbers,
- cilantro,
- salvia,
- beans,
- lettuce,
- courgette,
- melons,
- basil green and red,
- chives,
- vine and maybe raspberries.

Now I need to seat down and make proper plan concerning companion planting, so each vegetable can benefit from the company of another nearby planted veggie.

Would you like to see my plan?  

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