August 14, 2009

Beautiful Flowers of August - GBBD'09

Can you you believe, some time ago, in fact long time ago, I couldn't understand all those 'ooh' and 'aah!' people were doing over flowers.
Today I know the power of flowers and the reasons why I have not seen it at those times. It was my distance to Nature and myself that not only hold me back from progressing, but also made me blind to Nature's wonders.
That was time when I lived in the city. 5 years ago I moved to countryside, where I live close to Nature, I garden, digg the soil and I am happier than ever while getting connection with real self.

What flowers can do for you?

1. Especially in the times of difficulty you can use flower's ability to elevate your spirit, get comfort and hope.

2. Even if you don't do it consciously, do you know that you meditate while admiring flowers? Time you spend looking at flowers is very powerful and transformational.

3. Many people say, that presence of the flowers in the hospital room, helps to heal.


Below you can see beautiful flowers of August that I send directly to your PC from my modest garden in Poland.

Admiring flowers and meditating is powerful experience, so have wonderful time while looking at what's blloming currently at "Ewa in the Garden".


Rose "New Dawn"

Rose "Mary Rose".

Rose "Chopin"




Osteospermum - African Daisy


Hydrangea paniculata "Pinky Winky"

Obedient plant

Monarda hybrida

Lilly of unknown name.

Ligularia przewalskii

Hydrangea macrophylla - Mophead


Lavender at the pond.



Daylilies - looks happy than ever after getting some home made compost this spring.


Aslan was also very attracted by flowers I have photographed - does it tell you something?

On this picture you can see more August blooming flowers.

Flower Meditation
After looking at all these flowers, close your eyes, see the picture of the flower which appeals to you most. Think what it means to you as a friend and as flower. After few minutes the mental picture of the flower will fade away. Have a look again at the same picture - I wonder what you feel?
You may do the same with the chosen flower in your garden. Choose the flower which attracts you most at the moment.

PS. GBBD is hosted by Carol at May Dreams Garden.


Helen/patientgardener said...

Lovely pics. I find working the garden very relaxing and destressing, I forget about whatever else is worrying me. It is very theraputic. I am doing a one day Botanical drawing course soon and I wonder if studying the flowers very closely will change my perception of them.

Katarina said...

I'm one of those persons who keep 'Oh-ing' and 'Ah-ing' over flowers. As i just did, looking at yours. Take the Chopin rose, for instance - such beauty and elegance! Lifts my spirits.

chuck b. said...

The lavendar next to the pond is a nice touch; I usually associate it with hot, dry places.

JGH said...

What a beautiful post and great photos. I love the idea of a virtual bouquet being sent right to my PC. I can see that your cat is enjoying them too!

Frances said...

Hi Ewa, you are so right about the way looking at flowers make us feel. I am so happy that you are now a gardener with that shared love of the soil and nature that makes us one with the earth. Thank you for sharing these beauties.

Cathy S. said...

Great photos Ewa! such a beautiful garden you have, Happy GBBD!


Tara Dillard said...

Love the cat. Your flowers and photography are delightful.

A Scottish study reported those living the longest, regardless of income/race/sex, were those within site of nature.

Not working in a garden or owning the landscape. Seeing the landscape from their windows. Interesting.

Oxytocin at work!!

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

vicki archer said...

Beautiful Ewa....Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

Susan aka Miss R said...

Oh, Ewa your garden is lovely. The red lily of unknown origin is incredible--such a great color for hot hot August! Thank you for sharing it.

Millie said...

Dear Ewa - how lovely to hear from you! Yes, your kind words made perfect sense, I spent this morning in the garden even though it was very cold & windy. I've carried buckets of camellias inside & have just spent the past hour putting them in vases. I feel relaxed & peaceful ready to start the week with a smile. Thank you my friend.
Millie ^_^

johanna_lea said...

hello ewa,

i was trained as a bodyworker-one of the healing modalities we studied was color/light therapy. you are completely
correct about gazing at flowers and the calming trance states. your eyes function like cameras; but are also direct extensions of the brain.
the light spectrum enters the optic nerve and activates/ or soothes different areas, and thus directly affects the body as well.
Orange is the most healing ray for
mood change and depression.
soft-eyed gazing at bright zinnia
or marigold orange will heal a troubled mind--also relax and energise anyone.
just one more reason to always keep flowers in your life!
vty, johanna

Rose said...

I do feel better already, Ewa. Working in the garden, looking at the blooms has helped me to calm down and enjoy life so much more. I was going to comment on the lovely roses, but you have so many lovely blooms.Your garden is absolutely beautiful, Ewa! It is a perfect place to unwind and find peace.

Carol said...

I would not call your garden modest! Lovely photos of your many blooms. They do all lift the spirit ... I especially love the unknown lily... at least the portrait of it ... magnificent!

Jan said...

Lovely photos of lovely flowers. I think the pond photos are especially nice.

Always Growing

Darla said...

Beautiful around your gardens...gardening is wonderful therapy for me...

Kathryn/ said...

Oh, Ewa! Your garden looks so very green and lush! You must be soaking up all the beauty (to get you through winter!). I want to bury my face in that lovely rosy rose! Gorgeous! And I think that is the prettiest African daisy I have ever seen. You KNOW I love the hydrangea. That is a special one for sure. And the kitty photo is absolutely adorable. Purr. Purr. Purr. :)

Sylvana said...

I love your picture of "Mary Rose".

I could find a spot for "Pinky Winky" in my garden!

I have Ligularia przewalskii, but yours looks like it is fairing much better.

Ena said...

Those flowers are truly fantastic... Daisy flowers are my favorite!! Roses are also looking stunning!!