October 16, 2007

His Highness Mr Atomic

Sleeping a lot and eating a lot in order to grow faast... I took him from my company collegaue. We just moved to a house. House without cat? My son loves cats, which we couldn't have while living in the city. There is also practical reason... cat keeps mice away. What I didn't know at that time, that His Highness Atomic will expell all moles ruining my garden in the summer :) and since then my 'mole trouble' is gone.
Growing fast...

There is one thing very special about Atomic. He likes to sleep on his face :) Not all the time, but we caught him several times. It always fascinates...

This is how it looks from the side :)

He seems to be very comfortable...
This is another time... and position little different :)
My dear huzband takes picture of just washed Atomic, which is cleaning himself from all "dirt" he caught while being washed :)

Mr Atomic just washed.
Cold days are coming - already nights are under 0, so having little extra warming facility during afternoon nap is like christmas candy at average day...
"... do you think I don't know what I am doing?..."

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FO - 2 said...

Mr. Atomic is cute and charming.
Quite an original sleeping position! ;)

FO - 2 said...

Dear Ewa.
Thank you for visiting my blog. :)
I usually write my posts in English. I just forget about it sometimes.... Sorry.
I received the socks from my mother. She knitted them. :)
For me and my girls.
She knitted the elf as well.
And sent some yarn for me as well.
I will knit lot`s of them myself.
For Christmas presents.
Filled with bottles of wine.
I will use my mothers elf as a model. ;)

Unknown said...

Hi Ewa: Glad you dropped in, and glad that I visited back! Mr. Atomic is totally adorable--but then I think cats are among the most perfect creatures in the world, having eight in our family.
Your photographs are delightful and I'm glad to 'meet' someone from yet another part of the world. I'll happily add your URL to my collection of links, and you're welcome to do the same.

SchneiderHein said...

Hello Ewa,
oh what a lovely post about Mr. Atomic! The first photograph is so cute. Who old he was on the picture sleeping between hands - 10 weeks? It's a wonderful time to life with a young cat, isn't it? But they growing really fast! But later on, when they grown-up it's another quality to life together with them. They come and go, say 'hello' and sometimes they seek the company to us. Living without cats - unimaginable for us!

Sometimes Maus & Allegra are so tired that they sleep on their face too. But we haven't such charmining pictures from this occurrence. So we added your post to the link list on our cat blog 'Maus, Allegra & andere Katzen' to visit this adorable post again and again...
Silke & Wolfgang

Ewa said...

Jodi, Silke&Wolfgang,
Thank you for taking look at His Highness - we call him sometimes that way because he behaves very aristocratic compare to our another cat Aslan, who is just chap of the neighbourhood.
Atomic on the first picture was abt 6 weeks and definately I think they grow too fast. That is why we loved the event happened one year later - 2 little cats came to our garden. Brother and sister. I prepare post about them. Just collecting pictures.
Thank you for visiting.

Andrea's Garden said...

Our Ms. Highness is called Stella. We've had her since May 2007 and she has taken over our household. She has a blog as well, http://stella-the-cat.blogspot.com if you like to drop by sometimes.
Thanks for stopping by my blog; you're most welcome to add me to your favorites list. Greetings, Andrea