October 13, 2007

October sun

October sun is still warm. Brings energy and optimism. Maybe you would like to take a morning cup of coffee with me... in October sun... and take little walk in the October garden?
I am not going to say I like October. I do not like September and November either, but there is always a hidden reasons behind everything :) 3 last seasons were full of hard work in order to 'make garden happen', because of my intrinsical run to create it. As result, at the end of the season usually I was tired and didn't feel like working any more. OK - first year was exceptional - but that is natural - neophytes should be forgiven :)

This year I planted Pelargonium in pure compost to see what will happen. It has proven the proverb 'compost is a gold for gardener'. Plant was flowering entire summer whithout additional fertilisers - I only made sure it got enough water. Flowers were opening over and over. It grew only few leaves :)

I was sad that my plants are turning yellow or red or disappear completely (like hostas). I was sad, that it is getting cold, season is ending and pleasure of staying in the garden has to be suspended untill next year.

This year there was not so much planting, as result there was much less work, so I look at the garden with different eyes and guess what happens. I see colours! They were there before too... but I looked at them and I 'didn't see'. World around us is projection of our brains. We are what we are able to see and recognize.
I see autumn colours in my garden this year - thats a change for me. What is your change this year?

I really see colors! Even if 3 year ago I planted this hedera and parthenocissus together to exactly achieve this effect, I see it - meaning - 'I enjoy it' for the first time.

Beta vulgaris ssp. vulgaris convar. vulgaris var. cicla - sounds scary, but tastes really nice :) and look nice as well :)

Composting bin and wheelbarrow are girl's best friends :) luckily there is plenty of water this year - thats third ally :)


SchneiderHein said...

Hello Ewa,
thank you for visiting our blog.
The blue little flower blooming at the bottom of the table is a plumbaginoides - Enzian-Bleiwurz. Here is an earlier post of this sweet shrub ( http://wildwuchs-unter-aufsicht.blogspot.com/2007/08/vom-flieder-bis-zum-kleinen-aluteich.html )
Your garden is really interesting. So we'll coming back soon to visit your blog again.
Have a nice weekend
Silke & Wolfgang

SchneiderHein said...

Not to forget Aslan, it's really a cute cat. We hope to see more of him/her...

Anonymous said...

Good morning Ewa
you're so right in saying that "...we are in that what we are able to see and recognize"...so it was with me when I started "gardening", i.e. when my passion for garding begun. I always had a garden, now almost 30 years, but I really loved it only about 8 years ago. From that time I felt concerned about everything that happened in nature....You have wonderful autumn pictures from your garden. I'm just sitting at your lovely tabel, nipping a cup of hot tea (I don't like coffee) and relaxing. And your question whether October is worth to be liked, I would answer: every month is it.....didn't Antoine de Saint-Excupéry say "one sees things well only with the heart" (sorry, the translation is not correct, but I guess you'll understand what he wanted to say).
Have a wonderful weekend,

Ewa said...

Dear Silke & Wolfgang. Aslan - special cat who found us - as 4 weeks cat we found him and his little sister terrified in our garden. We took care of them and in the meantime we looked for somebody wanting a cat, because we already had one cat Atomic. We managed to find new home for sister. Aslan stayed with us and we are very happy about it. He got his name late - as we didn't plan to keep him and I didn't want to get used to him. I will prepare a special post about them :) thanks for asking and dropping by :)
Herzliche Gruessen

Ewa said...

Dear Barbara,
That Saint-Excupery quotation is sooo right. This is what I am trying to do lately. I think I lost this gift during last years - I am trying to get it back :)
Herzliche Gruessen

Chrissie said...

Hello Ewa. Autumn is a season of many colours, your photos capture the colours beautifully. My camera helped me notice many things I had not seen before :-) Small, close up, little things. Now everything is a photo opportunity :-) Have a great weekend.

MariaJ said...

Dear Ewa! I've tried to find a gardenblogger from Poland but havent managed to find some one who writes in english. Now I found you via Barbaras. I immmediately liked your blog. I even saw those big pines on your earlier post which exsists also in my garden in Finland. I'm truly speaking also a summer person. I have to say I dislike winter. Also autumn can be very sad time to me. This year happened something weird. I "found" autumn too. Maybe because the weather has been beautiful...or the colors are stronger than usually...anyway it hasnt been so bad at all. Your garden by the way looks very inviting! I was in Krakow couple years ago but unfortunately havent had time for gardens. I visited Auschwitz-Birkenau also so on the way there I saw your beautiful countryside. Have a nice day....and I would like to have a cup of tea with you.

Ewa said...

Dear Maria,
Thank you for your nice words :) And I am very happy that you like my garden :) and it is nice to see you around. I decided blogging recently, cos I have little more time and also because I got little impatient about my garden - you know... growing too slow, lack of space to plant new wonderful plants etc. :) So, after 3 years there came time to see which plants will really like my garden and will decide to stay with me and also to do something else/more :)
There will be some more stories coming soon:) so let's stay in touch :)

Hannele på Hisingen said...

Lovely garden, lovely photos, I love Autumn, yes please, a cup of coffee in yoyr nice garden (Doris Lessing has written 60 books, The Grass is Singing is the first one, good start, the Martha Quest books, The Fifth Child, Under My Skin).

FO - 2 said...

Hello Ewa. :)
Thank you for commenting on my blog.
You made me glad. :)
I have been looking at your blog now.
You have some beautiful photos.
I will put you on my link list, if you want to. :)
Best regards - Ida.

FO - 2 said...

I have put you on my link list now.
You can put me on yours if you want to. :)

joey said...

Greetings from across the sea. Thank you for the kind words, Ewa. Enjoyed viewing your blog also. Autumn for me becomes a 'soul-searching' time, a bit haunting. Though breath-taking colors surround us, it is always sad to say goodbye to the garden. Perhaps that is why Spring is my favorite season ... So once our chores are finished, it's time to curl up with a good book!

Ewa said...

Hello Joey,
Yes. Exactly. Book is something that is always on the second place in the season. I just bought something new to read: Doris Lessing - time to catch up with the rest of the world, who appreciated her writings and awarded with nobel prize lately.

Colin and Carol said...

Your garden has atmosphere I look forward to following your blog develop. Colin