November 11, 2007

Garden Photos Before and After

Time is the fifth most important garden dimension. Garden has its depth (roots), height, width, length and time - 5 dimensions. In this post I would like to show you my garden photos before and after -
When I visited this 'garden' for the first time before bought the house, it looked pitiable. At that time I had no idea how much time and effort is needed to turn it into green private oasis, but I was extremely enthusiastic to do it, though I had no idea about gardening, plant's requirements, soil improvement and ... organic gardening. I knew I want garden and I want to do it by myself and learn everything.
It was 2004 - I started to study books, magazines and search for info in the web. Especially organic gardening was of big interest, but no really info about it. I have a feeling that chemical companies monopolized the 'gardening communication' and garden centers - at least in our country. Organic seems to be big secret - you need to try hard to get this secret knowledge.
So, starting from the scratch and having no experience it was a lot of fun and aching bones to learn everything. Below I would like to share 'before and after' state in some parts of my garden.
BACKYARD - visible from living room 2004
desert... desert... desert - coming summer I felt like working in the desert - soil everywhere - in my hair, mouth, everywhere.

End of 2004 - you can see some changes - little border and some plants appeared as well as beginning of hedge and Pinus nigra. When I spotted it in the garden center, I thought it is great and big. But when we planted it, it kind of disappeared... that was one of the first interesting discoveries: garden sucks plants like crazy! no matter how many you bring from the shop! it will be never enough!

We placed pond in the backyard to see it from living room - which I believe is great idea. What we didn't plan and what was very surprising and very pleasurable is the reflection of the water on the ceiling in the living room. When the sun goes lower in autumn and spring, we have a wonderful reflection of the water on the ceiling!

This big empty space is kept, because soon it will be overtaken by the terrace, that I can not wait to build. I bought the house not finished - terrace is one of the missing items.
Actually it is on my wish list, but I decided to make the garden first, so it grows, while I concentrate on terrace building :)


end of 2004

end of 2005









Backyard garden along the fence 2004









ufff... that's it... I go now to have late Sunday breakfast :) and next cup of coffee... see you...


Bek said...

Wow! That's very impressive. It really shows your hard work. Your pictures give me hope that a huge transformation like that can be done in just a few years:)

Chile said...

I just came by from Melanie's blog and all I can say is WOW! I have envisioned transformations like your yard but never ever actually pulled them off. Great job, Ewa!

Anonymous said...

A BIG COMPLIMENT to you and CONGRATULATIONS! Your really did a good and great job! It's almost incredible how fast everything changed and got a new face.That was very clever of you: studying books and getting infos and then working....Unfortunately I just did the opposite when I started with my garden...I have to pay for this...a lot of mistakes cannot be changed again....though I try always and again!!! It was a pleasure to read and see this post!
Have a good start into the coming week!

Unknown said...

Wow! I am awestruck by the hard work and the splendid results. My gardening hat is off to you, Ewa--I have no ability to plan and develop in this way, and its really, really wonderful to see a garden developed so wonderfully. Bravo! And as it keeps evolving, may it bring you more joy.

SchneiderHein said...

Oh what a wonderful development from a desert to a beautiful garden in 3 years!
But I think it takes only two or three years and than it's necessary to cut some of your 'green walls'. Because if they have all the same possibility to grow, there might be not enough space for all of them. And it would be sad if some of them should be taken out later. Hope you will find a good way of cutting your plants!

Philosophical Karen said...

What a beautiful transformation!

Anonymous said...

So often we take pictures of the components and not the whole garden. It is refreshing to see the changes you have made to the garden as a whole! Refreshing and impressive! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing your garden continue to flourish!

Chrissie said...

The garden is very beautiful. The photos clearly show the transformation. I really enjoyed reading this post.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

I always enjoy looking at before and after pictures of a garden or garden project. It obvious that you have worked miracles here Ewa! And I'm very glad to read that you choose to go organic. I'm an organic gardener too and also have an organic kitchen garden which I enjoy a lot.

But well done you, you did a great job with your garden; it's looking great now!

David (Snappy) said...

Wow, you have worked some magic on your garden in your time there.Now it is a green oasis!I came from 123 garden go, where Karen did your Meme :)

quu said...

This is my first visit to your and Polish garden - and sure did enjoy my time in here :)

Impressive transformation - you did wise, when you planted so many evergreen shrubs - now they will give their best for years to come!

Best wishes from Finland,


garden girl said...

Really beautiful!

And inspirational!