November 23, 2007

There is nothing better than next year's garden

These are late tulips blooming here from April until May, when the sun is pretty high.

Purple with white edges is Claudia, late lily flowering, bicoloured tulip, grows up to 50 cm.

I mixed them with Attila Midseason Triumph Tulip, because they bloom 2 weeks earlier, so I had this color in this spot for over 1 month.
Attila Midseason Triumph Tulip


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

What lovely pink tulips! Here in Iowa, USA, I have to be happy with looking at photos of my garden flowers, we had our first snow yesterday.

Glad you got your pond problem fixed, do the fish live in your pond the year around where you live in Poland? Were the you tubes of the inside fish tanks yours also? I have a 55 gallon inside tank but do not have an outside pond.

Unknown said...

What perfectly splendid tulips, Ewa. I especially like the way the light makes them glow. I'm still waiting for the weather to improve so I can finish planting my bulbs...yup, sad but true! It's been a grey week here...

Ewa said...

Iowa Gardening Woman,
Thanks for visiting! Our fishes stay for the winter in the pond, because it is deep enough 120 cm. The freeze in the winter goes in our climate up to 80 cm, so there still is enough space for them to survive. In order to help them we do some defreezing - but I will show it in the winter.
Aquarium indoor is a great thing to watch - better than TV :)

nice to see you again :) there is still some bulbs waiting for me to plan them - I wait till weekend. Making this post actually I wanted to make us remember that we can still make some perfect planting for next year.


Anonymous said...


What a great idea for a post! I think I will look at this past spring and post some encouraging pictures also! Thanks and I love those tulips.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Thanks for the blast of spring. I am sitting here ticking off the days until the Tulips come back.

I like Triumph Tulips but Darwins are my favorite ones to grow.

Ewa said...

Hello digital flower pictures! Welcome on my site. Why do you prefer Darwins?

Ewa said...

I was little hesitating to make that post, because usually until Christmas it is time to say by to past year garden.
However I decided to post it to motivate myself to go to garden and make some last 'bulbing'.