November 30, 2007

You need to see this - bisons on the street

While browsing this morning on Polish blogs I found blog of the nature journalist, who lives in east of Poland and is widely known as active fighter for nature protection. He is not only writing about it, but he lives it and this is what makes him credible.
On his blog I saw amazing picture of European bisons walking through the village. Check this out!


gintoino said...

Great pic! I didn't know there were European bisons. Guess one is always learning :-)

A wildlife gardener said...

That is really amazing, Ewa. I am going to do my 8 random things you tagged me for soon, I promise.

Today is my first blogging birthday. you are invited to come and see my snail :)

Ewa said...

nice to see you around. Yes, one is always learning. There is not many bisons left in Europe, that is why that picture taken yesterday is so rare :)

a wildlife gardener,
thank you for invitation - your snail story is soo sweet. when November blues catches me I will remember that!

Strawberry Lane said...

Amazing! Never knew there were bison in Europe.

I grew up in Nebraska ... the land of the buffalo. So this story really interests me!

So glad there are people fighting for nature protection. We can't replace it.