December 4, 2007

Firmly Refusing December

Snow is gone... and I do not like what was hidden under it. Now it became really the greyish of grey! In this situation I would prefer some 'white' back, but it's fully gone.

So to stay in tune with the season and not go back to summer months and make myself garden-sick, I will just travel in time ONE month.
This is October in my garden and looking at this pictures I realised how beautiful October is.
I truly confess, I like flowers, but look below and tell me you don't like colors of October. Look how nice garden can be dressed up - without it or with just minimum flowers.

From the left: magnolia, hebe, euphorbia, pinus nigra, thuja occidentalis, parthenocissus quinquefolia.
This part looks like real garden and this effect is made not with sea of flowers or perennials. Its main bone is trees growing here: 20 years old pear and about same age picea (on th right, out of frame). This corner has fair amount of shade and sun in the summer and it is filler with flowers all year round - here the flowers of hydrangea paniculata Limelight, planted one year ago - the last survivor before winter. In the pot remaining stems of lilies.

Suddenly this flower bed became 'arranged' with different shades of green and seasonal flowers. This autumn we moved Robinia pseudoaccacia Umbraculifera to this spot in order to make it more 'structural' and to add some height - it was too flat.

There is plenty of this kind of birds in the neighbourhood and daily guest in my garden. They very often bring different kind of nuts or other BIG seeds and hide them for worse days - and in the spring I have always few uninvited oaks :)
Until today I thought this bird is Fringilla coelebs but while looking for link, I realised that it is not! And I feel little bit confused. Let me check in the books...
Or maybe somebody knows and can help..

In previous autumns every little leaf on the gras was an enemy... this year they seemed so nice covering the lawn.

Yellow leaf landed on grey lavandula.

Spirea vanhouttei - some memoirs: grows fast and is beautifully covered with white rows of flowers in June.


CrisB said...

Hi Ewa, congratulations for your garden. It is very beautiful.
Now here it's very cold, today's day was and still is, with a tremendous foz, the winter is here. The poor plants begin to suffer with this weather.
I'll visit you more often.

gintoino said...

Beautifull pictures ewa! The bird you is a Garrulus glandarius. Very commun arround here (southern Portugal)

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Every time the season changes our gardens change too. Your garden looked great in all its autumn glory, Ewa!

Barbara said...

Beautiful autumn impressions of your garden, Ewa!. Sometimes the soul needs to make a time-travel back to months full of colour and scent! I am grateful you did it for us! Have a nice day!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I have this spirea too. It isn't very old but I will be happy when it gets big and has all those white flowers on it. It reminds me of my childhood. We had this plant in front of our house.

Chrissie said...

Very beautiful!