October 28, 2007

Garden at the house built at the beginning of XX century

Looking at the neighbours gardens is always very inspiring and gives great new ideas for own garden. Below pictures are taken at the garden sorrounding the old house. I love such places, cos they have soul - there is always a spirit of past generations.

I would like to share the pictures, so take a tour...

Old Pinus silvestris is a very strong point at the entrance. Granit path is composing perfectly with modest and evergreen plantings. On the left Viburnum rhytidophyllum and on the bottom Pachysandra terminalis - wonderful evergreen plant with shiny leafs, not changing colour in the winter.

Pachysandra terminalis on the right and Cotoneaster at the house. Rhododendrons are fitting this architecture in amazing way.

Magnolia fits great with Rhododendrons and Pachysandra.

On the back of the house, there is growing huuge Quercus robur. Its majesty and size gives an ultimate feeling of safety and continuation. Absolutely magic tree - name celtic druids comes from greek name 'dryas' (quercus). It grows up to 50 m and lives over 700 hundred years. Its younghood ends at the age of... eee... 200 :) . We all are little kids...

Here it looks great with white Begonia pendula and Dendranthema.

Pachysandra terminalis picture is ending this tour, ment to be a little inspiration.


Anonymous said...

What a nice neighbourhood you live in.
Thanks for visiting my blog and leading me over here. Of course I don't mind that you link to my Blue Garden.

A wildlife gardener said...

Hello, Ewa, and thank you for coming to my blog and leaving lovely compliments :)

I have enjoyed reading your blog from the beginning and think you have a very interesting garden.

I love your two cats too, Aslan and Mr Atomic. I painted Aslan from the Narnia stories. You can see him in my painting blog.

We have a cat called Monster and three strays who live in our barn.

I love your photography skills too :)

FO - 2 said...

Thank you for the tour in your nice surroundings Ewa. :)
Wishing you a great week.
So long. :)

Anonymous said...

I always like to see old houses (I also grew up in a very old house, built around 1640) . They mostly have big and beautiful gardens too, as shown in your pictures. You must be a nice neighbour as you got the permission to take the pictures !! Have a wonderful week,

Ewa said...

Wildlife Gardener, I saw your paintings and I must say, that your Aslan - it is very handsome and majestic. We named our cat Aslan, because it means 'lion' in Turkish :)

Ida, thank you for dropping by :)I like very much to see other gardens, so if I have the chance to share, gives me a big pleasure :)

Barbara, actually I visited that garden during 'open gardens festival'. It is not very popular in Poland yet, but it is very good that it started - I love this idea :)
You grew up in such old house... wow... must have been... so different... I am sooo curious :) any chance to know anything more than that?

Ewa said...

britt-arnhild, thank you for visiting. I will be curious to read news on your blog :)

Unknown said...

Gorgeous place and garden--and what a good description you give of older gardens having a spirit of past generations. Who would have planted that oak? The pachysandra? All those other terrific plants? Even if the gardener is long gone, the spirit lives on beautifully. Thank you for sharing that beauty, Ewa!

SchneiderHein said...

Thank you for this wonderful pictures of you neighbourhood with the beautiful old trees. It's really difficult to have such old trees in the garden if there is not enough place for them. But in this garden it seems to be possible.

I hope you are able to cut some of you trees when they need to much place in the future - or a little bit earlier... ;)

Ki said...

Wonderful tour. What is the plant with red berries? Berberis? Oaks are great majestic trees. I wanted to buy a Q. phellos, willow oak but unfortunately we had nowhere to plant it in our yard. Hmm, just a juvenile at 200 years, wow!

Gardenmomma Chris said...

That was a wonderful tour. I do that from time to time on my blog, as well. I have several I have entitled "Neighborhood Garden Tour". I love the cobblestone path in the last photo. Chris