March 5, 2008

Winter showing-off

This is - what they say - last blow. After that there is only spring....
It was snowing yesterday, I looked around and understood that I missed it. Snow covering everything have very soothing effect.
Do we really need 'structure' so much? 'Structure' means that there is certain order in your life. You get up at 6.00 am., get prepeared, rush to work, work, at 6 pm. you meet a friend and then go home - and this is the way it goes day after day... If for some reasons your 'structure' disappears, you feel down and can not find your place.
People can be divided in two groups: one hates 'structure' and does not feel well with it, and the other hates when there is no 'structure', for example on weekends.
I need it, what about you?
I like the snow around, cos it makes me feel that I know the world surrounding me and this is much better feeling, isn't it?
Herodotus said "If a man insisted always on being serious, and never allowed himself a bit of fun and relaxation, he would go mad or become unstable without knowing it", so I am going to entertain myself little today...
La la la la la ...........


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I like some structure. It is always so much fun to deviate from scheduled events. It seems a treat to not have to go to work or do whatever should be done at a certain time.

Frances, said...

La la la la...good idea to keep our sanity, Ewa! We have the up and down temperatures also, extremely so. It does affect one's mood, so la la la la...

Frances at Faire Garden

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Ewa !
I am a structure person ! .. just that kind of AR ... love the picture .. pretty !
We are locked into winter forever I think .. big storm here moving through Ontario .. BIG sigh !

garden girl said...

What a beautiful picture! The light is fantastic!

Most of my life I've had a highly-structured schedule. Now that my kids are grown and I'm in the process of a career change, I enjoy having much less structure and a lot more flexibility.

queenie said...

What a beautiful picture! May I post & link to it over at the greenwood? Pretty please?

I'd be a bit of a non-structure person myself. Although I know I depend on structure, ultimately, if only to show off the exuberant going out of bounds of it!

Maybe this is the other side of what Lisa was saying. . . .

Thanks for the pretty picture.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ewa, haven't been by in a while, your new site design looks great, the colors are cool!

Structure? I've always had a hard time with rigid schedules, being at certain places at a set time... But on the small farm, there's a structure imposed by the weather and by animals if you're raising them. If you hope to get anything like the results you want, you have to respect that and do things when it's time. I really like that sort of structure, because it makes sense to me!

Ewa said...

I agree, if you have structure, the more you appreciate a day off :)

La la la la - I was not expecting to be happy because winter came :)
I am used to it so much and we almost didn't have this year.

Storms are more active now I thaink than before. We also had a very strong wind last weekend... brrr! I hate it.

Thank you, thank you :) Career change is interesting but also challenging, right? I am - I think - through similar process and it gives me ups and downs...

I think you are right :) thank you for liking my picted I will be very happy if you post it and link it :)

I am happy that you like my new 'dress' :)
Structure is something important - whether is very tight or little ligter. I like best structure worked out by myself - it gives freedom and I feel better with myself.

Thank you very much for visting :) Be blessed with spring :)

TroubleX2 said...

Stunning light in that picture. I'm awed! Love the site AND your garden.

Carol Soules said...

Structure is good many times..but then...breaking the routine of structure sure is fun! Yahoo! I happen to love vacations and all the "unstructured" time they provide. But I suspect I would not appreciate vacations half as much if they were not a break from structure...and hence...the enjoyment requires the structure, lest it cease to be a vacation from anything. That would be no fun at ALL!

Ewa said...

Welcome to my blog and thank you for nice comment.

Ewa said...

Carol, yes you are right. You need to have structure in order to enjoy fun. Like you need see bad things to enjoy good ones, yes?

Rosengeranium said...

Heh I change my pattern of structure irregularly, what does that make me? An unstructured structuralist?

Greetings from a cold and sunny Uppsala!

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

We had some wintry showers too this week; a bit of hail and some sleet.

I need structure in the garden but not so much in my life as I am a bit of a free spirit. :-)