March 14, 2008

Naive Folk Art for garden deco

I made little window shopping today - admiring the purity and beauty of Folk Art. There just 2-3 shops selling it in Warsaw. Targetting tourists, beacuse Poles are not so much interested. Why? I wrote more about it here.

Birds on the picture above are soo cheering! If you don't feel it while looking at them - believe me... in reality they could be substitute for prozac (which is not working - BTW - scientists revealed lately).
Do you see that little white and red head in the right down corner? I missed that guy to photograph - but he still looks cute, right?

I was really close to come back home with this orange guy.... and find for him a cosy place in the garden - ha! it would look really outstanding. I am not sure if I would keep this orange color for long - I guess it would be competiting too much with the plantings.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I don't know how you could resist these colorful birds Ewa. Especially the big orange bird. He is quite handsome. You could plant all colors of orange around it.

Carol Soules said...

I love the folk art birds and all the color! I happen to be a big orange person. I think he would look great among a bunch of evergreens or in among my day lilies!

Anonymous said...

Nice accent those figures- I've been trying to come up with an alternative to the usual garden gnomes and such we have around here. I have a friend who is an artist and he and his wife and kids painted stepping stones and a bench with bright colors and designs.

I get some of my polish nick knacks from POLART

My backyard is a mud pit right now, which makes for lots of fun for my kids.

garden girl said...

Ewa, those are really beautiful. They have so much character, color and charm.

Ewa said...

I am just trying to not buy everything I like :)) THE bird will be there, cos I saw it before :) I can make my mind.

Somehow orange is very appealing to me to - I dress big orange wintercoat :) it cheers me up in the winter.

I am also looking for the decorations that are not just ready transplanted from the garden shop - then gardens looks similar. I have also plan to paint my benches this spring, but currently there is so much work in tharden and so little power after the winter :(

I am happy that you like it.

Minerva said...

Oh, they feel so Lowicz (my home town) to me! Need to get a few to decorate the terrace (they would get lost in a tropical garden) of my future home in the rain forest.
Yeah, I am moving again - in two weeks. Just when I finally found time to start gardening and things started to look pretty (I'll blog about it in a day or two) - sigh.
Thanks, catholic daddy-o for the link to Polart.

Anonymous said...

The birds look so cute. The bright colors can make any garden look more beautiful. You made a nice choice. I will try decorating my small garden with Folk Art.

Anonymous said...

I think the orange guy does need to come live at your house and garden! He will look splendid with all your lovely flowers. . . . .

Ewa said...

I was wondering where were you gone? The message you left makes it more clear - I am looking forward to your postings.

at the link you left, there is plenty of great stuff. I wonder what will you choose :)

Yeah, it will come to my garden one day :) which one?

Frances, said...

Ewa, I love the folk art, even if it is considered 'touristy'. We have a lot of folk art craftsmen and women here in our part of Tennessee, it is a tradition here, lots of woodworkers and metalworkers along with basketweavers, painters, you get the idea. The big orange bird is great because of his size and that wonderful color. Wish he could come to my garden!
Frances at Faire Garden