May 12, 2008

Black tulip - Queen of the Nights

Tulip "Queen of the Night" is almost black. I was very excited when I have bought the bulbs 3 years ago. "Wow! Black tulip!". I can't tell you how disappointed I was every spring. I was trying to convince myself "Oh, it is LOVELY (at the end)" - but is THIS enough for something you expected with "WOW", hidden in your mind?
After I slowed down a little in my life, I allow myself to 'be not perfect', my mind is set to a different melodies. Often I see I am doing things in new way. My mind and heart are open.

I overcame the fear of collecting flowers. Every flower was so precious in my young garden, that I was not even daring to think I could pick it from garden and bring home. This year for the first time I pick flowers from the garden once in a while - they look great indoor as well.

When "Queen of Night" appeared in the garden this year, first I looked at it indifferent, but something whispered "take me home". Was that whisper coming from inside of my head or outside - hard to tell today. It took a second to pick it - I didn't even cut it. It came home, placed it in a vase and ... it came to me like a revelation... the beauty of the flower was striking. I was enchanted.
Since few days while looking at it I keep wondering "how is it possible to not see such beauties around you?".
If your eyes are open, but heart is closed, how can you see MORE?
Beauties do not like crowd ??
or both?

Can you see what I see?

Black tulip in spring is very unfortunate - we seek colour after winter. Its beauty disappears in the spring crowd...

If gets proper attention and presentation you can see its true beauty.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to tell you I really enjoyed this post - thank you for writing it, great way to start Monday :o)

Have a lovely week!

garden girl said...

I love nearly-black foliage and flowers. Your tulips are beautiful.

Philosophical Karen said...

I admire that first photo very much. I don't know if I have any more Queen of Night tulips that will still bloom (the bulbs are old now), but if one comes up I will definitely try and emulate your photo.

Ewa said...

you are welcome :) I am happy you liked it.

garden girl,
yes, yes and yes again :)

I am simply so much surprised with my discovery and so happy that I could capture the beauty in picture as well.

Jane O' said...

I have had Quenn of the Night several different times in my garden. I love it with a white tulip next to it. It seems to dark when all alone, but color and placement is important and brings out the real beauty. It truly is a knockout.

Gail said...


A delicious color like Blackberry preserves...a have a few dark Heuchera and Loropetalum but this is very nearly black isn't it!


Frances, said...

Hi Ewa, your post is very thought provoking. We have the queen also, and realized she needed some hand maidens of light or bright colors, red, orange or pink are all good companions to her in the garden. In a vase, she does shine!
Frances at Faire Garden

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Black is made up of many colors. You can see them in your photos. Red blue... A beautiful flower indeed.

Kylee Baumle said...

I especially like the last photo. Stunning!

Ewa said...

it is iridescent if you take closer look :)

jane marie,
yes, I am planning to give it special treatment for next spring. planting carefully in better place. i wonder will it look better with white tulips or other colors?

it is very nearly black :)

yes, I have some white and pink tulips - I think I will combine them next year :)

when you are able to SEE it, it is true beauty :)

I admit, I was very surprised to see this photo - it made me very excited :)

Victoria Cummings said...

Ewa - Even it's name, Queen of Night, is mysterious. I really appreciate what you are saying. Who knows - maybe it's a bit of both- taking the time to see the beauty in unexpected places and not crowding to allow that beauty to emerge.

Barbara said...

Here again you have the proof: black is not just black! In any case your tulip IS a beauty, a mixture of hidden secret and exotic and most of all excitingly beautiful!
Enjoy it!