July 27, 2008

Bugs - how to learn who is visiting your garden?

Today at the start of the day... hmmm... I just realise how habits are changing. One year ago, at this season, I used to have my morning coffee in the garden. Today after walking slowly down the stairs to kitchen, having my banana, making coffee, grabbing the mug and open a laptop to see what is going on outside of my virtual window while sitting at the real window. I love to blog from my living room where through a big window I can see some garden and SKY, I can hear the water flowing at the pond and happy birds announcing the start of the day.

Neighbours' house is slowly dissapearing in the abundance of growing trees. While still having no terrace or porch, living room with wide open window is my best solution. But - just came to my mind - even if there would be a porch, probably I would not take my laptop there for obvious reason - it is too bright outside to feel comfortable with reading. This must be just a little cheating when you see pictures of a guy seating on the beach in Bahamas, having his laptop... eee... why they don't show girls doing same? Anyone have seen a woman in similar situation?

So I surfed on the net this morning - jumping from one blog to another - sometimes getting off the course with the links that carry me there.

One discovery today made me really happy. A new blog. And about bugs! By entomologist! Wizzie Brown at Urban IPM is bringing closer the world of these critters. Oh my goodness. Finally. Thank you Pam/Digging for spreading the news.

As there is less heavy work in the garden and garden matures, there is more interesting species appearing.

I would like to know which of them are which. Some are good some are bad, but recognising them or searching the info is just a pain if you don't know any single part of the name.
Urban IPM will be definately a blog to read.

Second surprise I discovered on Carol's blog May Dreams Gardens. In one of the last Carol lists gardener's favourite movies. One of them 'Secret Garden' is directed by Polish movie director Agnieszka Holland. And that made little ashamed, cos I have not seen the movie - this made want to change it immediately.
Another movie by her is Copying Beethoven with Ed Harris in main role. Worth to spend your priceless time on it.

Have a nice Sunday!



Katarina said...

It's interesting how habits change. Blogging has certainly changed my habits. Last year I couldn't wait to step outside - this summer I've started each morning on the net...before stepping into the garden.
I hope you're having a nice Sunday too!

Karen said...

Hi Ewa, I am sorry there are not more overall garden photos on my blog. This year my health problems and the awful weather have conspired to make my garden overgrown. It's a record-breaking year for rain -- three times the normal amount. And when the weather is clear I can't be outside too long. Unfortunately, I cannot keep up with the maintenance this year, but I am hoping to repair that next year. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it.

garden girl said...

Ewa, isn't it amazing how much information is available on the internet! I will check out Wizzy's blog. I've discovered some new bugs visiting our garden this summer and I'm curious about them.

Barbara said...

Thank you for your good wishes! I still enjoy my holiday and I finally find time to learn (via internet too!!) what kind of birds are singing in my garden and in free nature. Isn't it crazy, that through internet it is so simple to get this information? But it IS wonderful!
Have a good start into the new week,

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ewa. I'm glad you're enjoying the bug blog I linked to. Blogging may take time away from the garden, but it's a great way to cultivate gardener friendships.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hi Ewa, I too start my morning with a cup of tea and my laptop. I have not seen any women at the beach with their computers. I have seen many at airports or like on the train last weekend. Watching movies they were.