August 13, 2008

Earth on the verge of significant extinction event...

I was checking some other stuff on the website of World Future Society and there is one new thread that appeared lately which really made my eco interests alert.
This society is widely recognisable since 1966, because reality has proven many of their forecasts made in the past, which were sometimes perceived insane. One of the craziest of the past and proven in real life are development of internet and fall of iron courtain.

What has appeared on the last list of forecasts for next 25 years is following:

"Forecast #5: The earth is on the verge of a significant extinction event. The twenty-first century could witness a biodiversity collapse 100 to 1,000 times greater than any previous extinction since the dawn of humanity, according to the World Resources Institute. Protecting biodiversity in a time of increased resource consumption, overpopulation, and environmental degradation will require continued sacrifice on the part of local, often impoverished communities. Experts contend that incorporating local communities' economic interests into conservation plans will be essential to species protection in the next century. "

This maybe scary, but it is better to know and get prepared, right?
As they write 'Crisis or opportunity'? And the difference is whether you are prepared.
It is even better to try to do something to prevent it. We, gardeners can contribute it in large extent.
This post is part of my own development and growth to that direction, because this is a process, nobody is born with it...
or maybe there are such gifted people, like teenager described in very interesting post at Strawberry Lane - just read it to get some more hope about youngest generation.

Greetings to You :) I wish you join me in the process of eco-awareness growth.


chaiselongue said...

Yes, we gardeners can help - although politicians have to do something too before it is too late. Gardeners are aware of the problems and are part of the solution - at least when we're in our gardens we are not out buying short-lived consumer goods! And we appreciate how good simple things, like watching our gardens grow, can be. Thanks for this post, Ewa.

Minerva said...

Kudos again, Ewa! Great post!

Strawberry Lane said...

Hi Ewa,
This is a scary time for the planet.

I agree, we all need to do something even if it means just planting a tree or rose bush.

Much of it also means giving up the things that damage the environment, even one thing would help.

Thanks for your comment about the teenager that is a real inspiration.

I hope there are and will be many more like her.

Gail said...


There is a saying among many politically active groups ..."Think globally, act locally." It surely applies to we gardeners; what we think and what we decide to do!



Unknown said...

It is sad and happening, totally unavaoidable Ewa. I wonder how I can contribute in my mini garden. I use rabbit poop as fertilizer..dont even know if that is a contribution. happy weekend

Yoli said...

Oh Ewa, I am so happy to have found your blog again. I lost the link when I converted my children's blog to a new format so I lost you! I am glad I found you again through Maryam's blog. Take good care my dear. Wonderful post.

From a fellow gardener.

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Yes Ewa, many things are in dire straits on our good earth. I wonder how far and how long we can push it.
Prince Charles had a very good speech about GM food and warned about the disasters that will follow it. I totally agree what he said, he is absolutely right.