September 23, 2008

Martha Stewart Living in Polish - second edition

First of all thank you very much for very interesting comments on my question posted previously. Each of them is precious to me.
You asked about my opinion. I had biased feelings, but after reading your comments and some articles, I can say that in a way I admire Martha, because despite of her undeniable decorating and cooking talents, she is also talented business woman as well - tough - I read in some places. This is just my humble opinion.
I know also, how diffcult it is to work with strong personalities - I have worked with some known people, which could be called celebrities: Polish, American, and from few other european countries.
As long as contact is shallow and short, even if it is rough, it is fine and you remember it as rather nice and interesting. When contact is closer and lasts longer, it is not easy to cope with.
The way Martha went through the last crisis, will be the case studied by students of management, Public Relations and marketing.
OK, the value of her empire dropped by 60%, but she is back. Empire was shaken, but didn't collapse, right?
Above you see Martha Stuart Living magazine second Polish edition, freshly published (Picture courtesy of Dom & Wnętrze). First one I missed - it was published in December'07 as Christmas issue.
Martha visited Poland in June for opening her photography exhibition organised by American Embassy. I found in the net a short video shot at the opening with the phone as I guess based on the quality (you can see it HERE).
Funny enough about her visit to Poland I learned first from USA Today publication.
Beside on 30st od September there is new satellite cooking channel that will be broadcasting MS TV show. 6.15 is very early hour for that, don't you think?

I flipped through the magazine and must say, that there is few very sweet and simple decorationg ideas - like that one on the left. Nice composition "vase with daisies" (Picture courtesy of MSL).
It is full of great photographs and fresh graphic design ideas.
There is a need on Polish market for such magazine. We have already few interior design magazines, few cooking and few gardening, but none of them is wrapping all subjects.
Aditionally, I am so much fed up with their offer. Pictures are either too simple, or too boring, or too flamboyant.
Design not daring enough to inspire.
This is maybe something MSL will NOT fill, but definately it may challenge. I am happy it will also show HOW you can make some things, not only go to shop and BUY - and the more expensive the better.
I am also very happy to read in your comments, that she is proud of being Polish, because there were some discussions as whether only Polish minority in USA is aware that. Just to feel better.


Anonymous said...

I really like Martha and enjoy her show -- and I find her more endearing than ever since her prison stay. :) It seemed to make her so much more "ordinary", and I mean that in the most flattering way. :)

garden girl said...

Hi Ewa, although I'm anything but tough, I do admire smart, tough, successful women.

I'm glad you're enjoying Martha in Poland!

Gail said...

Many Americans have mixed feelings about strong women, and they really aren't crazy about outspoken women. I don't watch her show very often,but find her incredibly talented and gifted. Her strength, determination and business smarts are admirable qualities. I hope she continues to have success here and abroad! gail

Boxwood Cottage said...

Wow Ewa can't believe you have the Martha Stewart Magazine is polish. Should there also be a German edition of which I have never heard? I want her crafts prouct line here too!
Best wishes sends

Unknown said...

Martha's never bothered me one way or another because i'm not much into the home decor thing, but I admire her for being a smart businesswoman and not a whiner.

Visual Vamp said...

You know of course that Martha is Polish (like us!). I'm sure she is thrilled to have her magazine in the motherland.
xo xo

Naturegirl said...

I have always been a fan of Martha!
Love everything that she stands for.
How wonderful that you now have the luxury of her magazine in Poland!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ewa, I just wanted to add that most people who have read her magazine or watched her show know she is of Polish descent, she speaks of it often and proudly. I remember a show where she was judging the most beautiful chicken at a chicken show and chose the Polish something, I cannot remember the rest of the name, because she was Polish also. I have taken her magazine since the beginning and it does offer unique ideas not seen elsewhere. The gardening issue in March is the best, IMHO.