November 30, 2008

Tagged by Richard at CatskillCottageSeed.

I was tagged by Richard Reeve to reveal 6 random things about myself, so here we go.

  • Started blogging 12 months ago, and my eco-gardening blog in Polish hit 34.000 visitors in first 6 months - to my big surprise! 10.000 visitors/monthly in season months!


  • One day, abt 5 years ago, I got so much annoyed with living in the city, that during morning jogging I decided, to move. Where to? In extreme version it could have been middle of the forest, but luckily turned out to be suburbs of Warsaw - so we keep an access to city treasures, but can fully enjoy living close to nature.


  • I found my way to Twitter via Joe Vitale book 'Hypnotic Marketing' - amazing book, that changes the energy flow - can't explain why - and changes the approach to marketing. This book is real fire and burns hands and mind while reading!


  • In Malmoe/Sweden they have such a unique place called Ribban (cold bath house), where for the first and so far the last time in my life, I jumped straight from the sauna to the Baltic Sea - it was beginnng of December, temp. of air and water was close to 0C. OOOHHH - I thought I will die on the spot, but no... it was just very refreshing :)


  • In my last regular job I got stucked lil much too long doing things I didn't really like. It was not like this from the beginning - just developed in different direction than I did. My mistake was to not cut it at the proper time. It ended 18 months ago, not funny at all (depression, burn out etc.) Never going to make this mistake again! As Gary Vaynerchuk says 'there is no reason in 2008 to do s**t you hate' - if you haven't yet, u need to see this one! (attn: it contains some adult language)


  • My first big love was music. I was also very keen to know everything about bands I loved. One day universe dropped - so called - possibility in front of me, which I never, ever in my life had dremt of! From that day I had the chance to meet world's biggest names i.e. Miles Davis, Chick Corea, even had the chance to organise the tour of 12 concerts in Bulgaria of my kid's years fav band Uriah Heep. I thought at that time -it was the lucky coincidence, but later I understood something that Paulo Coelho wrote 'if you really want something, world and universe will do everything to give it to you'.

This were 6 random things YOU didn't know.

So, now I would love to know more about:

Lynda at Food, Farm & Farm Life in East Africa

Katarina at Roses and Stuff

Valorie at Visual Vamp

Shawn at Country French Antique

Vicki at FrenchEssence

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Rules are following:

1. You mention in your blogpost two links of this meme - this will help us check how far this particular meme reached - I will report it after seeing hits in my stats. And also you need to link the blog who invited you to play.

2. You post 6 random things about yourself we didn't know.

3. You choose 6 people you would like to know better and you invite them to play.

I am REALLY looking forward to know more about Lynda, Katarina, Valorie, Shawn, Vicki and Millie!


vicki archer said...

Thank you Ewa - that was very sweet of you to tag me. I shall play along soon. xv

Diary From Africa said...

Ewa, thanks so much for tagging me - I'll do this soon ! Also wanted to say I love the photo of your garden helper - what a gorgeous cat !

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Nice to read these things about you Ewa.

Millie said...

I loved hearing more about you Ewa & thanks for tagging me. I'll try & post in the next couple of days.
Millie ^_^

Anonymous said...

You try to follow how many ??blogs;)
Ewa, I wish you a wonderful Christmas season.
- Cheers Gisela.

CIELO said...

I came to see what new loveliness were blooming in your garden today and got hocked reading about your life.... people with courage enough to change things they don’t like in their life have always amazed me…. changing job because they don’t like what they do, or moving to a place they like better sounds fantastic to me…. I would love to be like that…. I hate my job, but I can see my self getting old here, I would love to move to a house on a hill, where I could have a big garden and be surrounded by nature, but there are always zillions of reasons why we’ll never do that move... why? Maybe we're scare of changes... I don't know... lucky you! ;)

Have a great day, Ewa


Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

I always enjoy reading these kinds of memes as they tell you just a little bit more about the person who owns the blog. Thanks Ewa, it was fun. BTW I also moved from a big city to the countryside a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ewa, I have been following your blog for some time now and really should have commented a lot more!
Amazing stats on your blog ... you need to write an article on how you drove so much traffic to your blog!! amazing.