September 19, 2009

Hot Chilli Peppers

Hot chilli peppers are doing well in container gardening. As maybe you already know from my blog *Pepper Hot* I avidly grow hot peppers in containers and also experiment on overwintering them. This year I grow 4 kinds: Scotch Bonnet, Cayenne, Cyklon and Zvonek.

On the picture you see hot capsicum Zvonek, which has amazing shaped fruits. It’s doing great in containers – I am really surprised and happy. It grows best of all the hot peppers we grow this year at Ewa in the Garden. They are the tallest and with largest number of fruits.

This year I will have its seeds for swapping. Interested? Then let me know in November, at the time when the seeds will be ready to hit the road.

Last year it was the first year I have tried to overwinter peppers. I grew 2 of them, 1 overwintered well, but the second one faded late spring, when time for going outdoor was already coming very close. Probably only one single time I gave too much water. This is the only reason that came to my mind. This year I will be also overwintering my hot babes – and will let you know the results.

I am fascinated by hot peppers and when I have decided to grow it, I found difficult to understand the difference between them. Because we learn best in systematic way, step by step, first I started to systemize every new piece of knowledge. This way I got humble folder/blog *Pepper Hot* for myself of all hot chilli peppers kinds that 1) I grow every year 2) I bump on.


Tira said...

Those peppers look really attractive-I am also intrigued by hot peppers-so many shapes, colors, sizes and flavours!

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Like you I grow hot peppers in pots too. And there are some in my greenhouse too. I love using them for spicy dishes.

Darla said...

This is wonderful! I grow peppers in containers and have done so for 3 years. I have rooster spurs, habanero and bell peppers. I would love to do a seed swap with you!!

Anonymous said...

I grew three jalapeno pepper plants last summer and they did really well in containers. After my 'Jalapeno Harvest Hands' fiasco, however, I'm not in a hurry to grow any more right now. Perhaps in a larger garden. (No, I didn't wear gloves.) Yours look healthy and in some intriguing varieties.

Carola said...

Ewa, I just discovered your blog. Its amazing! your garden, you love for nature, just lovely.
I have a little vegetable garden that I share with 2 more neighbors. Ii grow peppers too. I have jalapeños, habanero, pipi de mono, pico de loro. This is my second year as a
"amateur gardener" and i love it!
U have inspired me. Tx u so much!
kisses from Uruguay!

Ewa said...

I will be very happy to get your habanero :)

Ewa said...

welcome to my blog :) I hope to see you again. Garden is magic - isn't it?