October 6, 2009

Tall ornamental grass - Miscanthus sinensis Sirene

Tall ornamental grass in the large garden, may also look beautiful - like this one on the picture. However watch the size. Miscanthus sinensis Sirene grows up to 2 m tall, while Miscanthus giganteus can reach 3 m!

Size – let’s say - is similar, but space planned for the grass is really large. Perennial bed of such size would take 1/8 of my garden. When I look at the number (1/8) it seems feasible, but thinking of my garden, it would look rather odd than harmonious, because style of the garden and architecture of the house should be also matching.

If you know that on the left side, out of the frame, there is an old cathedral (built in 10th century and rebuilt in 12th century) would you also agree, that this grass, in this place doesn't fit – don’t you think?

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1 comment:

Urban Green said...

Wow! that's huge. But the muted gold contrasts well with seasonal colors...I could imagine a lot of combinations already.