February 26, 2010

Name that plant originating from Canary Islands - help needed

Again your help is needed in finding out what is the real name of this drought liking plant with its own history.

2 years ago I watched my friend’s joy while she was building a conservatory. This idyllic place provided shelter in the winter time to all wonderful plants she has ever fell in love with while being on vacation on Canary Islands, Madeira or Malta. This used to be a beautiful conservatory until snow started to melt last weekend, when she was away and not expecting something like this to happen. 1 cubic meter of snow weights 250 kg, but when it starts to melt and gets wet, it can reach 900 kg. Last week, under the weight of snow the glass rooftop have collapsed and fell inside, burying majority of plants in the snow. Luckily nobody was hurt.
The conservatory was repaired today, but poor plants have died in the cold. She will try to retrieve the collection – she knows majority of them, but there is mysterious one – we can’t name it. Here are the pictures taken before the accident. Do you know by any chance what’s the name of this broadleaf, hairy, drought loving cutie?

Help found :) Thank so much! This is Kalanchoe beharensis from Madagascar


Nicole said...

I think it might be kalanchoe beharensis
see these google images

Unknown said...

I'd leave it alone. It looks as if it might be closely related to the Trifid. But I think nicole might be more knowlegeable than I about these things.
Regards, Mike.

Commonweeder said...

I have no idea what it is, but I love it. What a statement it makes.

Ewa said...

Thank you Nicole, I think you are right! It looks so similar! As I wrote in the post title, it was brought to Poland from Canary Islands. I wonder if my friend will find it again here.