June 17, 2010

Aruncus dioicus miserable flowers?

Are you also wondering why your Aruncus dioicus is having poor ecru colored flowers? I was wondering for some time why only 2 out of 7 plants I have invited to my garden, are showing off with their beautiful, white, fluffy flowers, while the rest 5 are sadly resembling same beauty.

This week I have discovered that Aruncus dioicus is 'dioecius' - which means females are separated from males. Ecru and more ascetic flowers are male and we don't want that in our garden. Female flowers are white and fluffy - and yes, we want them in our garden. Do you see the difference between flowers on both pictures?

I wonder why the sellers don't specify that. Actually why should I need male poor flowers in my garden, while there is no use of it? No fruits, nothing. Shops should supply only females with their beautiful feathery flowers. You can also spend your money better – right?

Aruncus dioicus - goat's beard - bride's feathers.


Darla said...

Well those ladies 'might' need a male around from time to time, lol.

Jan said...

This is news to me, Ewa. Thanks for the information.

Always Growing

Carole said...

I didn't know that, and went immediately to check out the window - phew, I have the female white fluffy flowers ! and I learned something today.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I so agree. Of the three plants I planted over 10 years ago, only 1 survives, and it is, of course, a male one. Try digging out an Aruncus - I think I'm stuck with the stupid thing.

Anonymous said...

Actually there are male flowers that fluffy.

Showy wildflowers with plumes of small, creamy-white flowers. Best in moist, partially shaded locations. Male plants have feathery flower spikes. Females develop ornamental seed.

Anonymous said...

like the bird world it is the male that is pretty and the female drab. same applies here, you have it wrong. male plant is showy, female being insignificant producing seed at end of the summer.