June 30, 2011

Groovy Sericourt Gardens in France

Today let me invite you to groovy Sericourt Gardens in France I had the chance to visit last month. However Sericourt Gardens is known for its topiary, I have to point that I haven't found anywhere in the web any information about symbolism each part of the garden is revealing. When I decided to visit this garden I was not sure what to expect. Sometimes no expectation is better. 

There is beautiful gate and shadowed path leading to the entrance and the reception.

As you can see the gate was still closed at our arrival.

If you decide to visit the garden, don't forget to take printed info board form the reception and follow the guidelines in which order to see all parts of the garden.

Red leafed beech is the entrance to the inside of part called "cathedral". I can not tell you everything, because there will be no fun if you decide to visit the garden.

Looks like ordinary hole somebody forgot  to cover? It's not. Remember WW2?  The memory of that happened in Normandie is still very alive. Sericourt Gardens design is about war and peace/life. Look for the symbolism during visit. If you think that war subject can make garden sad or dull - not even close to that. Life rulez! Hatts off! 

The lounge.

In topiary garden there is over 400 box and yews hand clipped. I wonder how often in a year?
Maybe you don't see it here, but what do you say if I tell you, that topiary garden is an understory of fruit trees? I really love this idea. Food for the body within the hand's reach in the season and beneath the feast for eyes and soul... love it!

I had unique chance to meet the creator and the designer of the garden Mr Yves Gosse de Gorre. It was real pleasure to learn directly from creator what's behind every section of the garden. Thank you!
So, if you are somewhere close to Lille visit this garden. It takes 1,5 hours. More information and directions how to get there you will find on the Sericourt Gardens website.
Happy garden touring, beautiful people!


Darla said...

amazing gardens!! just amazing!!

Unknown said...

Just beautiful!

joey said...

In awe ... stunning, Ewa! Thank you.

Jean Campbell said...

Beautiful presentation of these established gardens, thank you.

They serve to remind me I should be out in the heat and gnats pruning, pruning.

Cally said...

Thanks for enlightening me about this garden and it's deeper symbolism. Now I must explore more of your wonderful blog (too much torrential rain for gardening today)