November 16, 2011

Parsley Italian Gigante – seeds to swap

Today added to seed network P. crispum var. neapolitanum ‘Gigante Italian’, may be same as ‘Giant From Italy’ and ‘Gigante di Napoli’.

This is truly wonderful Parsley from Northern Italy. Taller than average parsley, Italian Gigante plants have very big, deep green shiny leaves with an exceptionally mellow and sweet fuller flavour than standard plain Parsley. I love it.

I was searching for information about this variety history. No sure, whether it’s a heirloom variety. Maybe you know?

In seed exchange and seed saving initiative started by Patrick, I offer seeds from my own garden. If you have vegetable seeds from your own garden, let’s exchange!

If you are not familiar yet why Seed Network and collecting seeds from your own plants is important, read it here, at Patrick's blog.

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TrädgårdsPrinsessan - Annika said...

I hadn´t heard of this variety before. But it sounds really good when you describe it :-) I will look out for it.

Nice to see you took a look in my blog :-) I don´t use any special recipe, I just buy a big bag of concrete mix and then mix it with water. Then I use differently shaped bowls, plates etc to get the different shapes.

Best regards,

Raffi / said...

I don't know if it's an heirloom, but I am definitely a fan of the flat-leafed parsley. I love to just cut the leaves off the plant and use them in the kitchen, letting the plant recover and send up new leaves again and again.