July 26, 2013

Speaking at Embassy of United States in Warsaw

Americans are living around the globe and - by surprise - among them readers of Ewa in the Garden. One of my blog readers is currently working at the embassy in Warsaw.

Last month I had a chance to speak to US Embassy in Warsaw about gardens in general, gardens in Poland and green practices that everyone can apply daily like growing herbs indoor.

Room was filled with embassy employees and their friends - all members of Brown Bag Team, a group of people who are envirnmental conscious. 

Thank you for the invitation! It was a pleasure!


Yamilka Gomez said...

Ewa, that's pretty impressive. Not because it was the US embassy but because it shows a global interest on the importance of gardens. You should feel proud of your achievements. You're reaching new heights. Congratulations and thanks for this beautiful blog you're creating.

Ewa said...

Hi Klara,
Thanks! You are so right. I believe that we all are turning back to nature - we have got too far from it.

Sandra Blaine said...

I agree with Klara. That's really impressive, Ewa. I hope more people will be environmental conscious. I truly admire your dedication to promote environmental awareness. Keep up the good work! :-)

Mitch Parker said...

I admire you, Ewa. I wish I could also invite you. You are truly inspiring. I wish more people were like you.