August 13, 2013

15 photos of rusted metal design examples

Rusted metal design is a new trend that appeared recently in the garden shows. I like it. I saw it not only on the shows, but in a modern city garden located in Warsaw, presented to you in June. You can see my previous posts on this topics here and here.

I am curious about YOUR opinion on this – do you like it? Could you share it in comments?  

I found 4 pros of having rusted metal elements in the garden:

-        Garden looks little bit more mature than its real age. Rust needs some time to  cover metal. A decorative element with rusted patina texture suggests the garden more aged. This phenomenon is known in marketing – you can change the perceived value of an item if you place it accordingly. You may add value or rip it off.
-        No need for cleaning – the more weathered, more rusted, the better it looks.
-        Goes well with any style of garden.
-          Stands out and adds smashing style as a new garden decoration trend.
Do you find more ‘pros’? Do you see any ‘cons’? 

1 comment:

Sue Langley said...

It's interesting to see all these purposefully rusted new items, planters and edgings for the garden. At Flea Market Gardening, we are always looking for 'old' rusted metal for containers and accents to use.
We like the old 'patina' that develops.

If you like a modern garden and love rust these would be perfect!

Flea Market Gardening