August 14, 2013

10 photos against curved beds in the garden

A friend called me and asked to consult design of her garden delivered by designer. I was happy to do that and expected something really nice. It seems  - like always – to not expect anything, because life is writing own scenarios. Seeing “the design” made me again restless. There was patch of green in the center and curved beds around.

Restless? - you ask. Yes, after she said “she made what I have asked for – I like it. I wanted lawn in the middle and beds around”. Remember old rule “our client, our master” – it should be forgotten, burned in hell, whatever. I see  more and more clients hurting themselves by service providers doing what clients want them to.  

That makes me remember my friend, well-known Polish photographer, who during photo shooting session while hearing somebody saying "our client, our master" replied with serious face (his natural state) “sorry, but on my photo-shooting sessions, I AM the master”. Everyone got little confused, but he was damn right. He knows his job. He is responsible for final effect. He is pro, client is amateur, thou with money. At the end he is known and famous for his job, client not.

Maybe the times of “our client, our master” are gone? Maybe it’s time to choose your client carefully and only if they have good recommendation, like it was with courtesans in the past ages? 

So, beware what wish from the designer, because when I look at the garden where predominantly are curved beds, I can’t resist of a feeling that it’s an amateur design and I believe you want to spend your money better way and - secondly - not everyone will do it for you.

On the photos you can see examples of great ideas excluding curved beds and there are thousands more of them. Good, good examples.



Janet Sarandon said...

This is very informative, Ewa. Thanks for the tip. I'm planning to hire a designer so this will be my guide. Thanks so much! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ewa,

For the first time, I disagree with you. In fact I prefer curvy designs. I think this blogger shares my feelings:

1. Avoid Straight Lines and Even Numbers

Your garden bed should avoid any and all straight lines. If your bed is a foundation planting the back of the bed may be straight because it borders the house, but the front better have a curve to it. Pickpockets and magicians move their hands in arcs to distract us because our eyes cannot follow curved lines as well as straight lines. So when you use a curved line in your garden design you’re forcing the eye to slow down and follow along it rather than skip to the end, you’re telling eyes to stop and smell the roses so to speak. It makes the garden more interesting. Long sweeping curves look far better than straight lines, one of the most boring garden beds you’ll ever see is a flat straight 3 foot wide section along the foundation of a house. In a formal geometic garden straight lines can work, but such gardens also tend to require fulltime staffs of landscapers to maintain their precision pruning, they aren’t the style most of us want or can afford.

As you know, we all have our preferences, but straight lines are not for us "squiggles". Too formal, too linear, too divorced from nature.

Happy Gardening!

Gareth said...

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