December 23, 2013

3 x NEW - Starting New Life with New Style in New Year

Today is my Birthday. I am 18 again. My new life starts today. This is what will happen. I know. I am going to re-create myself to get ready for my great life.

On the photo there is myself on the left and a friend of mine on the right. We had a styling session at Dior - it was make-up refreshment, transforming and free!
This season is great time to clean-up the closets, throw away old and new pieces don't favour your beauty - exactly what I am doing now. 

What about YOU? What is your plan for the rest of your life? What is youe choice?

Happy Winter Solstice! Its still on for the  next 3 days, don't miss its power.


Carole said...

Happy Birthday, what a great way to start over :)
It is my birthday too, and I have been decluttering and getting rid of everything old, battered, useless over the year, and I'm starting to see progress so I thought this year is the year when I renew all my clothes (I have a limited budget so it will be slow and each month will have a theme). And when the whole house is clearer, I will start a big redecoration - again slowly.
So enjoy your new style, and I wish you a lot of upcoming new satisfactions :)

Ewa said...

Hello Carole, Happy Birthday to you as well :)
You are so right. I started from decluttering my home, then magic started to happen :) and it continues.
Happy XMS too :)

Ola said...

Wszystkiego naj naj!