August 16, 2015

Write a blog. Discover garden. Get mentioned in garden magazine as discoverer.

I have two questions to you.
The first one, do you still believe in coincidence? And the second one, do you remember my blog post about most stunning cactus garden I have ever seen? 

Would you call it a coincidence that I met the owner of the most stunning cactus garden in Europe? I wouldn’t. Although he appeared in front of me in most unexpected way – I will tell you more about it  one day - we started to chat. I said I design gardens and write a blog. He said he’s got a large cactus garden. I was thinking at first he is joking… you have no bloody idea what kind of garden you need to have, if you want to impress me or make me want to write about it… - run through my mind - hahaha! But short glance at his face made me also think that I need to check it.

Few days later I was standing at the gate of Casa do Monte in Albufeira (Algarve, Portugal) and after entering the garden… wow!!! I was truly impressed. The rest you know, or if you don’t know, you may see it here.  Would you still call it a coincidence?

I write a blog for couple of years by now already, I have travelled long distances to see many beautiful gardens that I have shared here. This garden was the most surprising one!

But this is not the end of the story. My publication got the attention of the garden magazine in Algarve - Mediterranean Gardening and Outdoor Living - and the magazine publication followed in August 2015, which is two months after being discovered and published here on Ewa in the Garden.

Nevertheless Ewa in the Garden holds the privilege of discovered most stunning cactus garden in Portugal and in Europe. So, write a blog. You never know who's watching.... eee... reading. 

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