January 21, 2008

Summer, winter, spring, pigeons, cats, seeds and Beenhakker

It is dull and sad outside, so I had a look at summer pictures and as you can see this georgous Heuchera and azalea 'Soir de Paris' look great together.

Fragrance is especially important in the garden, so if there is a choice, I go for fragrant one. This azalea is especially nice, cos of its delicate pink flowers and beautiful fragrance.

Temperature got crazy, our buds - city pigeons seems to be surprised...

... and even the local public green fellows were send to clean the lawns - is it a sign?

Aslan seems to be happy with this temperature change - he is protesting to go out, if temperature is below -5C.

Sorry - for the weak hearted fellows - we have to push him out and still it is not convincing. You push the back out, the head returns - 'snake-aslan'

I had to post this picture above - study of Aslan's nose is in a way fascinating :)

Some time ago, which is over one month, I bought seeds on Polish version of ebay... and look just 4 weeks and they arrived!

They were posted on 17.12 and they just arrived!

Happy me! At least I got them! Red and silver grass, and ophiogon planiscapus Nigrescens - promise of beauty.

Switch of subject on the picture below. It might be interested for some of our Dutch friends, that entire Poland got crazy aver one Dutch guy Leo Beenhakker, who is polish national football team coach since abt 2 years.
As you can see on the picture below he is really appreciated '100 people, that changed Poland' and he is on the list!

Look what happens. Atomic is trying to get my attention while I write about Aslan in my post...
exactly at the moment when I was asking myself 'why there is no nice pictures of Atomic lately?'.
This is going to change soon :)


queenie said...

I agree with your opinion about fragrance in the garden - I have often wondered why anyone would choose a flower that had no aroma!

To me, a rose that doesn't smell sweet is not really a rose at all. . . .

Nice to see your pictures and I too am dreaming of the spring.

Kylee Baumle said...

I love the close-up photos of Aslan!

VP said...

Hi Ewa - I love your Garden Helpers! Cats always have to get so involved with everything don't they? Aslan reminds me of our tabby cat, Skimble. I haven't introduced him on my site yet, must remedy that soon.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Good luck with your new seeds. I look forward to follow their growth.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

LOL, those Dutch people are to be found everywhere.

Good luck with your new seeds Ewa!

It's good to see it's not so cold where you live either, and it's good for Aslan too. ;-) Poor boy he so hates the cold, most kitties do.

We have the same idea about fragrance, it is so important to have lots of scented flowers in the garden and in your home too.

Barbara said...

I'm wondering how you are getting on with the seeds of ophiogon planiscapus Nigrescens which I bought last summer as a little plant from Scotland. I've divided this black grass, one little piece has been planted in a border and the other half is overwintering in a pot (I really want to keep it...it is so nice and special!). We have crazy temperatures too actually, from -6° up to 12°C within a couple of days.
For me fragrance is very important as well. Therefore I'm so fond of roses....
Have a good time, Ewa!

Ewa said...

I got the seeds from auction in internet, kind of ebay.
Ohiogon seeds are in the middle packet just 10 of them. On the left blue one (plenty), and on he right red one, like eye lashes :))
Have a silent night :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Love seeing your cats. Aslan is so sweet. I can see why Atomic was a little jealous of all the attention going to Aslan.

I hope your seeds sprout and you have a good collection of flowers. All fragrant of course. ;)

Nothingandall said...

I come here because you visited my blog and left a very true comment. I liked very much your blog. I enjoy your nice cats, the plants and your little stories about several issues ... well I didn't like to see Benhakker... that forced me to remember the defeaf of Portugal against Poland for the European qualification. However we will see on the final phase... because both teams are qualified.