February 11, 2008

Birdwatching even closer

I am sick.
I got sore throat and headache since Saturday. Just laying in bed, or on the sofa...

Even reading is not too much possible.

Bored to death and inspired by birdwatching action I decided to install the little house for birds this year. Here it can be done latest in February.
I got up and decided this will be the day and I have opened my computer.
Being sick and shopping - that is not good combination - I hope I will not discover something wrong. Internet shopping is great solution. I found a regular one, but practical - the front can be easily fully open and inside can be cleaned. It was only 5$, 10$ including delivery (2,5/4 euro).

I bought it and I am waiting for the postmen - hope he will ring just once :)

Maybe I can paint it and decorate after it arrives...


A wildlife gardener said...

I hope the birds come and live in your garden this Spring and Summer. Get well soon :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Ewa I am sorry to hear you are not well. The bird house looks a lot like one I have in my garden. I didn't paint it. That would be a good winter project.

Have you seen how Shirl puts a gizmo in her nest box so she can watch what goes on inside the box? I think this is facinating. Maybe you could do this too.?? I have thought about it but I am not very techy so I doubt I do it.

Take care and get well.

Ewa said...

a wildlife gardener,
I hope they will like to stay in it :)
thank you for wishes :)

pure wood that weathers looks also nice :)
I saw shirl's cam and I really love it. Like you, I think about it...
thanks for wishes :)

Katarina said...

Birds are important visitors in a garden, I think. I enjoy watching them feed and taking a swim...
I'm sure they will like it at your place.
-I hope you get well soon - it's so boring being sick...

Unknown said...

Oh, Ewa...so sorry you're under the weather. Lemon tea with honey helps the sore throat, but headaches...well, they're just nasty. The birdhouse is wonderful; my husband builds them for me so we have a few around here. You'll get a lot of pleasure from it!

queenie said...

best wishes, Ewa, for good health again soon! And I hope a beautiful bird family will come move into your lovely bird house. . . .

Frances, said...

Get well wishes for a speedy recovery. The birds do cheer us up, whether well or ill. Good luck with the house. We buy many things over the internet, it is so easy. May your postman ring once, as you say ;->

Frances at Faire Garden

Strawberry Lane said...

How miserable it is to be sick!

Look forward to seeing your new birdhouse in your beautiful garden!

Must say, the photos of your cats are just adorable!

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Poor Ewa, to be so ill. Hope you get well soon. Nice little bird house you bought and not expensive at all. I hope some birds will come and live in your new birdhouse!

BTW we have mostly postwomen. ;-)

Ewa said...

I am little affraid, that birds will be scared of cats :( I am going to install it in a safest place I can find, but still.

where did you hang your birdhouses? what is the safest place?

the queen,
thank you. I am looking forward to your future garden :)

luck for the house you say.. maybe I should have bought more than one?
its never too much luck.

strawberry lane,
I am happy that you like pictures of my cats :) thank you.

I never saw in Poland postwoman :) we always have postman :) even couriers are men not women... interesting...
BTW I started sweat peas today :)