February 9, 2008

Zillions of seeds planted in my garden today

Because weather is very nice I continue cleaning. Old stems of aster novae-angliae were the first ones - I cut them and delivered straight to compost, but there was huge amount of seeds to deal with. Enchanted by their beauty I was very tempted to just spread them in the wind - and this is what I made :)
I don't know if they will grow, but I prefer asters over weeds. Yes, that's one of the best things about my garden I noticed last year - I can see MY own plant's seedlings appearing around.
This is REALLY great feeling. There is still some empty places in my garden, so I will be more than happy to see asters flowering that... eee.. you know what...
My garden will be turning 4 years this year and so far I was mainly working on improving soil and planting... planting... planting...


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I'm sure those seeds will grow into Asters even if you scattered them in the wind. My Symphyotricum/Aster Novae Anglia self sow a bit too readily for my garden, but I have got some gorgeous magenta seedlings from that.

Clayton said...

Even the seeds have an artistic appeal piled in your hand. Are you into the spring season already? I have seed to send to Poland but it will be late if you are already preparing!

Barbara said...

I like to see too how a little seeds develops to a real plant...This makes gardening so precious! Unfortunately wind also brings zillions of weed seeds.....

Katarina said...

Asters are certainly more attractive than weeds - so good luck, I hope your asters will appear in many beautiful places.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

I'm so jealous of you being able to play in your garden ! We have more snow yet again here in Kingston. I think "full on, Cabin Fever" is going to happen .. so I have to begin painting the kitchen soon to save my sanity .. sigh !
We think of Holland/Belgium/Germany this time of year ... living there for 4 years we know how crazy "Karnival" can be .. bought costumes but never got to wear them .. haha
Love to visit your "plot" !
Joy : )

A wildlife gardener said...

I think Nature will help you to create a fabulous mixture of asters :)

Ewa said...

mr mcgregor's daugter,
I just hope, that I will get more asters than weeds in the garden :)

this february is unusual and I am still affraid that winter will come. however march is the earliest month here to sow some seeds outside. depends what seeds you are going to send. maybe yes you shall send them now. normally spring starts march/april.

yes, you touched very important subject - when I started gardening nobody wrote anywhere that there is no possibility to get rid of weeds totally and that it is constant job every year :)

katarina i kullavik
asters are very sweet that is why I felt so tempted to scatter them in the wind, that to add it to compost - maybe that's not very wise of me :( I will have a lot of many new growth - how I will distinguish them from weeds?

painting kitchen gives a lot of fun too and the after feeling is also very refreshing.
currently I feel I am cheating the seasons - cos normally february is the coldest month here.

a wildlife gardener,
i trust mother nature and I gave her proposal with scattering the seeds - we will see what she comes up with :)

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Your garden will be filled with plants and flowers before you know it Ewa. I've found that asters selfseed very well in the garden so be prepared to find baby asters!