February 23, 2008

Promote blog. How to get free traffic to your blog or free traffic to any kind of website.

Probably you also would like to get more traffic to your blog. Also free of charge.

Beside gardening I am also interested in internet marketing, search engines SEO etc. So I decided to share with You what I have learned and what is working well for me.
It will help you to get more readers of your blog. The key is to let search engines know that you are there. They will not learn it by themselves. I listed below some basic possibilities, that can instantly add traffic to your site.

1/ Get registered with linkrefferal.com. This is pretty friendly system if you would like to spend some time on it. You visit other websites, make reviews and get more traffic. Munus of it is, that this source doesn't give you targeted traffic, which is most required. However if you are at the beginning of your blogging journey and you want to promote your blog, this is a good source of traffic that will help your posts to get higher position on search results.

2/ Submit your URL to Google and Google Directory
3/ Submit your URL to Yahoo requires account opening

4/ Submit your URL to Add Me

5/ Submit your URL to Microsoft MSN Search

Later added:

6/ Submit your URL to Alexa - scroll down to the bottom of the displayed page after you click the link


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Ewa !
I know there has to be more "gardeners" out there with lots to say ! So they more contact we have the more experience we gather !
Joy : )

Ewa said...

Hi Joy, links I have given are kind of 'secrets' of webmasters. Fell free to use it :)