February 9, 2008

Carnival has ended and Hot Valentine day is coming...

Even if I am currently under anti-burnout treatment, I try to follow the new trends spotted around the globe, cos my primary profession is marketing/advertising and I need to sense to which direction the culture, society and technology is going.
It is often fun to see what ideas people have and what are the newest inventions.
Yesterday I found in my e-mail box a newsletter prepared by American company specialising in spotting new trends - this is The Intelligence Group a trend-forecasting focused.
According to trend-forcasters this are currently the hottest ideas for trendy Valentine. This is NOT promotion - maybe in indirect way I do it, but my intention is to share some of this cute items with you.

So have a look at them - maybe you find some inspiration. Personally I was most amazed by customizable wooden postcards and aphrodisiac mini bar box.

Have fun!

Verymeri T-shirts - something for kids

Poketo Art for Your Everyday - online network-driven marketplace with an impressive roster of emerging and established talent (such as Oksana Badrak, Kate Bingaman-Burt, and Andrew Jeffrey Wright.

AMT Diamond Ring for those who would like to engage fast (and not expensive:)


Unknown said...

These are great fun, Ewa. We don't pay a lot of attention to Valentine's day in our home-every day is Valentine's day, to us--but it's fun to watch the panic-stricken shoppers out finding the perfect "I love you" for their dearly beloved--including some very, very odd choices. :-)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am not very trendy. I don't like to receive gifts on a certain day. I like all the wonderful things my DB does for me daily. He treats me so very often. I amquite spoiled and I am lovin every minute of it.

Ewa said...

I also don't pay too much attention to that, especially that Valentine day came to us just only few years ago - it is not our traditional fiesta. however I just heard on the radio, that Poles will spend huge amount of money this year for gifts.
and you are the lucky to have VDay everyday :)

You are the lucky one :)
this is so great to be spoiled like this :)