April 10, 2008

Peacock caterpillar - learning butterflies in the garden

I caught a butterfly - it must have been very hungry, cos it was 'glued' to the flower - wind was shaking it back and forth, I came close to make pictures and it was still exploring the inside in the search of nectar.
With surprise I realised on the pictures, cos in reality butterflies are too small or fly away too fast, that this one is so hairy.
His name is Inachis io / Peacock caterpillar/ Rusalka pawik.
In general I don't know the names of butterflies - I am going to learn it. It is difficult to identify them - I found one very useful American website but also wiki helped a lot.

This is first 'colored' butterfly in my garden this year.


Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Such lovely pics of the butterfly Ewa. We have peacock butterflies here too. We call them Day Peacock Eye Butterfly, quite a mouthfull, don't you think? Like you I'm trying to learn all the names of all the insects in my garden.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a gorgeous butterly. I have never seen one like this before.

Maybe you can find a good butterfly field guide to help identify them.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Ewa ... you have taken amazing shots of that butterfly ! .. it will be a long time before I have them in my garden .. and I am sure I won't see one like that !
Thank you for sharing that gorgeous little wonder with us : )

Melanie Chopay said...

What wonderful, amazing photographs! We haven't seen any butterflies here yet but I saw a few bees yesterday so hopefully they aren't far away.

Gardeness said...

These are lovely shots. I've yet to see such colorful butterflies in our yard. Thanks.

Gail said...


Wonderful photos, the last one looked like it could scare away a preditor, eyes and mouth and a big blue beard!


garden girl said...

Just beautiful Ewa. I've never seen a butterfly like that before.

Carol Soules said...

And what a great "catch" you have!!! Beautiful pictures.

Carol Soules said...

Hi Ewa!! You've been tagged by me! I am hoping to cross pollinate some of my art blog friends and garden blog friends !
Hope you'll "play."

Jane O' said...

Fantastic pictures. Great colors.

Barbara said...

Super! you caught it wonderful, this beautiful peacock caterpillar. Up to now I didn't see any caterpilar...maybe it is too wet outside!

Anonymous said...

that creature is SO beautiful.

Beautiful pictures too!